Software I on daily basis
Debian :debian: with XFCE :xfce:
linueage os :lineageos2: Fdroid :fdroid:
Firefox :firefoxnew: with searX on PC and
Bromite with DDG :duckduckgo: on Mobile
Signal for messaging and Protonmail :protonmail: for email.
love❤️❤️ each and everyone of them. Thanks for existing.

@yarmo I switched from Brave to Bromite on android.They both provide an inbuilt adblocker but he problems with brave are
1.The sync doesn't worl prooperly
2.Brave makes lot's of request to in the background which I don't like.

Bromite is a chromium based web browser for android with build in adblocker and lots of tweaks without any google shit. It free and open aource

You have to add the repo to fdroid app store from their official website. Here's the link

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