Favorite Linux distro?? :arch: :debian: :fedora: :ubuntu:

@xn17 I've been giving :guix: Guix System a try since January.


Manjaro and Trisquel are mine. Linux Mint would be third. I would never use straight Arch due to lack of patience and would never use Ubuntu due to various reasons even though my favorites are based on them. If I had to pick a distro that wasn't based on another i'd pick OpenSuse Tumbleweed or Solus.

@farhan @PublicNuisance Ubuntu is backed by canonical, who did some unethical things in the past and They force user towards snaps by default, that's not something I like.


They have a spotty history such as with the Amazon controversy; I hate their default DE choices such as Gnome and Unity; I dislike their package manager; I have had issues getting Ubuntu off of hard drives before. I have nothing I actually like about straight vanilla Ubuntu.

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