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The Newsletter for November 2020 is out!

This is the last newsletter for this year! Thanks to everyone contributing!
Read about an important circumstance regarding certificates to all parties involved in XMPP! Also updates for several clients and servers!

The Newsletter for September 2020 is out!

Read about the progress on iOS clients, Gajim, Movim and much more.

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Next XMPP Newsletter is still open for link submission!
Please report all notable activities this week.

The XMPP universe is going at full speed this month!

Checkout the newsletter, with lots of software updates and specifications progress... Including a tiny summary of the XMPP Summit!

XMPP/Jabber protocol makers are uniting this Thu 30 and Fri 30 at the XMPP Summit in Brussels, Belgium, right before the FOSDEM

They will be iterating on the protocol, to make it better for YOU!

What improvements would love to see happening soon?

Brussels, Belgium this week and week-end:
* XMPP Summit: Thu 30 Fri 31
* FOSDEM: Sat 1st Sun 2nd
** RTC devroom for conferences
** RTC lounge to chill and talk

Come meet us, we want to know your thoughts and experience

The latest XMPP newsletter has been translated in French

Bonne année XMPP ! 14 janvier 2020

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