Everyday that passes, I get more and more confident that is just another bad solution. While trying to get rid of a terrible solution (WhatsApp), we fell for another bad alternative.
- It is super slow in development (despite of all increase in hype and donations and etc.)
- There is no tangible effort to bypass censorship (the TLS docker is a joke as there is no support and development !)
- It is not centralized
- Users don't adopt it because it lacks mainstream features.

The fact that they use specific phone numbers to send SMS, made it easy for certain countries to simply block those phone numbers and lock people out of their account even when they use proper proxy or VPN. This has been communicated with Signal support and they just followed up the case for couple of days and they never responded ever after.

There are of course alternatives and guess what, there is ALWAYS A BUT (usually with single T):

- Telegram: it is feature rich, cross-platform, cross-platform desktop app, public rooms, stickers, .... (but still there are concerns about its security/privacy. For example the conversations are not E2EE by default and it should be activated manually.

- Briar: it is secure, it can work even without internet connection. [I haven't used it recently] but perhaps it lacks many whistles and bells telegram has that can attract common people. Another downside is that it does not work on iOS! Any solution that is not cross-platform is practically useless and its adoption by good majority will never happen!

I just found movim.eu/ which is @xmpp based and claims to have almost everything and/or provide. The only BUT I have found so far is that there is no iOS app which is weird as I’m not sure if other XMPP iOS clients can support video call and other features.

P.s: for a software that claims FOSS federated solution, it is weird that they don’t have Mastodon account but they have Twitter!



There are two significant projects for XMPP regarding iOS & MacOS: @Monal and siskin.im/

@xmpp Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it.

It seems @Monal doesn’t have video or voice call which is not a good match for movim.eu, and the siskin.im is product of @tigase which is feature-rich and cross-platform but the source of income and revenue is unclear regarding this app. The licensing and tiers for their servers are ambiguous to me:


To clarify, I don’t mind paying for a service (SUSE / RHEL), but should comply with my principals.

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