@xmpp a protocol alone does not allow you to instant message. It requires an app. One that your grandma can use. Xmpp and matrix apps are a very hard sell, even with the most technical crowd.

The author tried to point out some more general thoughts on this discussion. Technology is hard for many people, no doubts. However, no one is helped to blindly switch messengers all the time.

At the end of the article various links has been provided, see this one for example:

@xmpp the biggest/only hindrance to me being able to make an xmpp server available for public signup is the lack of e2e encrypted file/image sharing. for years now... i can't be storing images from random internet users.

that sounds a bit strange.

Have you tried to reach out to one of the public chats (MUC):

Or a chat of one of the server communitys (ejabberd, OpenFire, Prosody,..)

@ITwrx I'm not sure if you can _force_ your users to use encryption while sharing files, but they definitely _can_ use it.

Do you think it's a good idea to create a term like the "Jabberverse" to use with people?

eg. Instead of saying "use any app which uses the Jabber/XMPP protocol", say "Use a Jabberverse app". Much more natural and intuitive.

I think this could be very useful, like "Fediverse" for ActivityPub. Language is powerful when used well.

@torresjrjr @xmpp I think that technically xmpp is part of the fediverse

@qorg11 @xmpp
It might have been so in certain circles but there's never been a strong consensus afaik.

I took it apon myself to make a stand and narrow down a most applicable definition for the Fediverse on Wiktionary.

@cwebber briefly gave contributed his opinion for the entry too.

@xmpp Ahh, ol' good XMPP. Used to use it a lot in the past, haven't heard of it recently too much. It looks like it's gaining traction again!

Indeed! Check out https://conversations.im/ and https://dino.im/

It looks and feels just like a normal, modern messaging platform.

I’ve successfully converted my family to use our own XMPP server and it works really well :)

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