Conversations has been released in version 2.6.0

Introduce expert setting to perform channel discovery on local server instead of

Enable delivery check marks by default and remove setting

Enable ‘Send button indicates status’ by default and remove setting

Move Backup and Foreground Service settings to main screen

@xmpp I don't get why there's such a focus in the Conversations README about anti-Google stuff, and then a big button with the Google Play store on it? Why no F-Droid?

Good question! Maybe it would be a nice idea to submit PR adding a link to ?

@dajbelshaw @xmpp Because the developer also needs to pay his bills.

@dlq @xmpp Well indeed, as do we all. But there's no reason the only delivery method should be through the very company's service that many users are trying to avoid 🙄


> the only delivery method

Only? 🤦

There's #fdroid and of course the source code, plus a number of forks are maintained and distributed by different people.

@dlq @xmpp

@dajbelshaw @xmpp While I generally also don't like stuff like that in case of cost free open source apps in this case I can understand it since Conversations' developer lives in part from the income generated by Playstore sales & therefor it's part of what finances the development of the app.


Besides which, there's the pragmatic side: for worse or worse, at present #Google's store is what comes by default on nearly all #Android phones, many users don't even know they can load software from other sources, and many others can't be arsed or are put off by the security warnings.

@dajbelshaw @xmpp

@0 @STP_KITT @xmpp I know it's not the only delivery method - I myself have installed Conversations via F-Droid.

So why not link to it via the repo? 🤦‍♂️

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