Thanks to the whole fediverse for the warm welcome for this new XSF (XMPP Standards Foundation) account 👍

@xmpp Thank you for being here! This will help rebuild a stronger XMPP public awareness and user community, which is really needed.


We agree! XMPP/Jabber has kind of seemingly slowed down in the public consciousness, while the various implementations kept on growing steadily in the background.

Please help us:
* report the XMPP/Jabebr news to us
* help us spread those news to various communities

For example, as a first step, the newsletter is here and solid, as an open, documented process: please join the community effort, if you want/can.

We'll do more soon...

@xmpp I see you also have a #RSS feed for the #XMPP news, which is great since I'm more into RSS than newsletters 🙇 :


Correct, the official XSF RSS/Atom feed is still always useful.

There is also a "planet" RSS/Atom aggregator that you may want to follow:


Not per se, though anyone so inclined can implement a gateway as an external component.

On the other hand, #ActivityPub is not the most lightweight of protocols, it'd probably take more than an afternoon to write.


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