So weird that an i5 3570k from 2013 uses a max of ~70W (when at 100%) and it's actually cheaper to run a bunch of servers off it than have a netbook, a laptop and a Raspberry Pi to run different servers.

Most power usage from a PC comes from its GPU.

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@doug @xinayder The end user is being pumped and dumped. Pure and simple. The only course of action is to move away from these platforms and services that are manipulating and abusing their userbase. You have a fundamental right to privacy but you have to be the one to stand up on both feet and demand it.

Corporate bad actors need to be brought to heel. Hard.

Is it just me or is Facebook trying to create a western version of WeChat? The only thing missing is the spying.

What do you guys think about the ongoing "trend" to replace decades old technical terms like master, slave, blacklist and whitelist for terms with "no racial connotation"?

Has anyone actually felt offended by the use of these terms?

I wonder how protocols like SPI and I2C that uses these terms will react to the change.

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Our partner @internetlabbr has been researchig Covid-related apps and how secure they really are. Check out their research (in portuguese)

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Fosstodon has always taken the approach of supporting what we're focused on; open source projects. As such, we're preparing to make another round of donations and, this time, we're make 2 donations in the amount of $200.00 each!

In the next few days, we'll be posting a survey link seeking your submissions for open source projects that you want us to show some love to. While submissions will be open to our Fosstodon Community Members, the final vote will be determined by our Patreons.

Microsoft has said last year or so that they were going to work with the US Army for them to use the HoloLens AVR (augmented virtual reality) for military purposes. A lot of employees signed a letter and some quit because they didn't agree with the company's position.

Today, Microsoft said they won't provide facial recognition technologies for US Police Departments. I'd like to know if they stepped down on working for the military with their HoloLens project.

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My boss asked me to write a React component that could preview DWG and DXF files used by AutoCAD.

I checked AutoDesk's Forge API and it's terrible. It's paid (there's a 90 day trial) and if you want to use the Forge Viewer, you MUST pay to convert your DWG files to SVF or another format that the viewer users.

The US is trying to kill the internet again:

TL;DR: they're trying to remove an important section from the DMCA law which would pretty much legalize corporate takedown requests done in bad faith, aka trolls.

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“Free users for sure we don’t want to give that [end-to-end encryption] because we also want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose” - Eric Yuan, CEO.

I'm sorry but whoever recommends Claws Mail as beginner friendly, you're wrong. It's a pain in the ass to set it up.

I still can't understand why Valve prefers to pay for third-party translators than improve their community, crowd-sourced translation platform. It worked fine until Torsten Zabka, its maintainer, left.

Also, Valve should hire more members from the community if they still want to pay for translations.

The latest MIUI update that supposedly adds the April security updates removed the option to show Wi-Fi frequency on the Wi-Fi icon.

2020 and Linux distros can't even make windows appear on the right monitor

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I am so sick of..
Corporate openwashing
Chinese apologists
Brave propaganda
Spyware analytics

These things are WRONG, just fucking stoooooop

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How would you feel if SourceHut required all public projects to have either a (1) FSF approved free software license, (2) an OSI approved open source license, or (3) a Creative Commons license?

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Hi Everyone! Just a quick message to let you know we are actively looking for contributors to join us to work on BoilingSteam (for articles or videos): check out more details here: #linuxgaming #linux #boilingsteam

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