Material NEXT looks like it was designed by Apple. It's soooo original, Google


I find it really, really interesting how ODT and ODP are open formats and still Microsoft doesn't give a fuck about fully supporting its features and making Office compatible with ODF formats.

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Now that #WhatsApp have updated their terms, forcing users to share their data with #Facebook, here's our suggested update to that notification you see at the top of your chats.

#WhatsappNewPolicy #WhatsappPrivacy

It's been so weird lately, maybe the winter depression has hit me hard. Since my uni and work vacation I am literally trying to spend less time on the PC, not even playing anything, and looking forward to spending more time with people, socializing.

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Services Core v0.2.16.204713 is now available:
- Fixes issues with Corona-Warn-App 1.9.1
- Adds support for adb backup / seedvault
- A few fixes and improvements

Detailed changelog:

Valve has finally pulled the plug on Steam Translation Server. Blog post coming up until the end of the year, hopefully, talking about how they are paying for shitty translations and what they did to undermine the community efforts.

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Services Core v0.2.15.204713 is here. 🎉
- Adds support for Vision Barcode API (used for QR code scanning in multiple apps)
- All kinds of improvements and bug fixes for Exposure Notification API.
- And of course, numerous bugs fixed.

Detailed changelog:

I am impressed but not surprised that Facebook and Twitter makes changing your account settings so complicated and hidden under several menus that the average user just blindly consents to selling their data and posting their whole life on a social network for everyone to see.

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The big companies are acting like teenagers: look, everyone is doing THIS, let's do it as well! Instead of really creating something different and interesting.

The time to be bold and brave is over, now they just want to get the clicks from the other ones by buying or copying them.

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Samsung announced that the S21 will come with no charger in its box.

"climate change", except not

I want to write a blog post about my experience working as a volunteer translator for Valve. However, I am afraid of retaliation, being removed from the translation platform and putting some of my colleagues in danger.

I wouldn't specify names, of course, but I fear something bad could happen to them. Should I write the article?

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Looks like got what it wanted. Another reason not to use it anymore.

Seriously, there's no reason why not simply use instead for chatting. It's 2020, and it's so complete with a very diverse list of clients and servers alike to choose from. Even IRC is a good alternative.

Seems like the Arecibo radio-telescope collapsed today.

Okay, I managed to do it. I can just add a cell with %%latex and input the LaTeX code between $ and it will display the formula.

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I just spent an hour or so trying to convert some MATLAB script to SageMath.

Am I crazy? Perhaps. But I wouldn't bother with Sage if Octave could open the live script.

Also, the Jupyter Notebook is looking good with Markdown formatting and the code, it could just use some LaTeX formulas and it would be awesome.

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Time and again people ask us how to donate to . Now the paper work is done, you can have at it. This and more in the new post:

@PINE64 was first to use that new infrastructure to donate $10 for every sold PinePhone postmarketOS CE edition.

Huge thanks to PINE64 and to YOU if you bought one of them!

I tried emacs today, read the tutorial, it felt good.

Then I installed Centaur Emacs and suddenly I had a hard time trying to figure out how to open treemacs, adding projects to bookmarks, fixing missing language servers...

and the worse is that Centaur has absolutely no documentation or tutorial.

How do I explain to someone old what is the protocol? Like the old internet but without styled pages?

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