Took me about a week to find out that the cause of my connection issues on Linux in this dormitory connection was an incorrect MTU size

SSH still doesn't work though but now I can connect to websites I couldn't before :)

I haven't been here for a while... I feel like a real developer now with a laptop :P

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I'd rather buy a Mi Band than a Galaxy Fit. At least with the Mi Band I can configure it with Gadgetbridge (FOSS app) and don't have to install 4 different apps for it to work. I can also setup the interval for it to measure my heart rate and I don't need to manually set it to sleep mode.

And battery life is amazing. It runs for at least 2 weeks with notifications turned on. I had notifications turned off on my Galaxy Fit and it couldn't last 2 days.

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The required app installs are inconvenient. I had to install 4 apps (Galaxy Wearable, Galaxy Wear Plugin for Galaxy Fit, Samsung Health and Samsung Accessory Service). Configuration was spread across Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Health.

For example, I couldn't configure the heartbeat sensor to measure at specific intervals (i.e. once per 15 minutes, once per hour, etc). It wouldn't auto detect my sleep time, I had to manually turn on sleep mode.

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Battery life is terrible. I was using it fully charged and one day later it already reached 5% battery. And this smartband is pretty new.

Pulse meter was set to only measure my heartbeat when I was standing and idle.

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After a week using a Galaxy Fit smartband, I decided it was too much for me.

Battery life, inconvenient settings and required app installs are the reasons I decided to not use it.

I've installed AOSPA on my Poco F1 and aside from a few bugs it's much better than MIUI. However, the thing I miss the most is the Poco F1-optimized MIUI Camera, which can't be replicate the features I had while in MIUI.

Battery life has been pretty amazing as well, and I decided to use open source apps when possible. For example, my dialer is Simple Dialer, contacts is Simple Contacts, browser is Firefox Nightly, TOTP is Aegis and SMS is QKSMS.

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Happy to see that @EU_Competition is not convinced by Google's promises. Instead of giving them a green light, they are carrying out an in-depth scrutiny. Read our concerns here:

Zoom's desktop application is terrible. It captures mouse and keyboard focus and toggles fullscreen whenever a speaker shares their screen, and it enables PIP when you don't want it to.

And then there's the part where forum moderators tried to censor the former treasurer from letting people know what Manjaro's CEO was doing, and they literally said "you're going to make things worse if you discuss what happened"

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From what I understood: a developer wanted a $2000 gaming laptop (Lenovo Legion) and wanted to skip the "bureaucracy" to use community funds to buy development gear. Treasurer stepped in, Manjaro's development team made the treasurer feel uncomfortable and as if he was doing something wrong until he quit.

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I didn't like Manjaro at first because it seemed a bunch of newbie developers trying to make a new OS and it had terrible support when I used it. Now I know that the developers are also bad people:

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So about that "zero logs" VPN you were using

Good reminder that privacy is NOT built on trust. You have to assume that anything they COULD do with your data, they WILL do with your data. The only business you can trust with your privacy is the one that doesn't handle private data in the first place.

This is also why Protonmail is full of shit!

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Join our team! TDF, the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice, is looking for a Development Mentor. In this role, you'll help new contributors get up-to-speed, and build relationships with our worldwide community:

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It's time we stop the Google/Fitbit merger and we are so glad to see @Idec in Brazil asking @CADEGovBr to scrutinise the deal. #NotOnOurWatch #EstamosDeOlho

Mapbox is ditching open source dependencies for closed source because Apple forced them to, but now Mapbox will make money off an open data database without giving anything in return to the OSS community.

I am not surprised, they are the ones wanting to make ODbL license attribution obsolete in OSM, i.e., they want to use OSM but not credit its usage.

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Our Twitter recently passed 17K followers

Can we start catching up Masto? Hmmm 🐧🐧

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The best ad blocker for Android and iOS: free and open source.
Blokada, the ad blocker

If you want to efficiently block ads, trackers, malware, save on your data plan, speed up your device and protect your privacy with just one application, then Blokada is for you. It is free, secure and open source.

#privacy #blokada

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