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Remember to join us over on the Linux Gaming group on Lemmy, the open source Reddit alternative:

What if, *if*, this campaign against RMS in FSF is just a corporate attack to undermine free software as a whole?

Just take a look at the people that signed the open letter against him. Most of them are employed by big companies, and now even Red Hat, owned by IBM, is severing ties with the FSF.

I'd risk to say this is not about making FLOSS inclusive, but more about killing the movement.

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KDE: "On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation"

This sets the right tone. Proud of KDE.

RMS/FSF controversy 

I was just "cancelled" and blocked by an user because I think that RMS and FSF board should be talked with BEFORE being cancelled, because I don't agree with cancel culture.

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This is absurdly offensive in so many ways. The letter that was sent to the author, from a Brazilian, was so peaceful and friendly, and this is what we get as a reply.

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Reading about the famous discussion about Santos Dumont vs Wright Brothers and I have never felt so offended before in my entire life:

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New version 0.2103.19 released today with a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements:
🔷 (Android) Improve app startup time by 1 second
🔷 Improve performance slightly
🔷 Improve private chat list with less visual clutter
✅ Bug fix: newly published thread should show immediately
✅ Bug fix: starting new private chats should be possible
Read more:

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If you're a writer, you have probably heard of TeX and LaTeX to make beautiful documents. The syntax has a learning curve, here's a nice tutorial to get you started: #linux #latex

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In case you missed it, Google Play recently removed the @Tusky Mastodon app without proper explanation.

Tusky is one of the best Android Mastodon apps, with nothing controversial in it at all. It's quite disturbing that Google can and does act like this.

An alternative and much better way of getting Tusky onto your Android device is by using the independent FOSS app store @fdroidorg

You can find instructions for installing F-Droid here:

#FediTips #MastoTips #Tusky

Is there an easy way to fix screen tearing on Linux in XFCE when watching movies or videos on Firefox or VLC?

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After months of stalling, Google finally revealed how much personal data they collect in Chrome and the Google app. No wonder they wanted to hide it.

Spying on users has nothing to do with building a great web browser or search engine. We would know (our app is both in one).

Original tweet :

Thinking about transferring my domain name to Google Domains instead of Namecheap. Google Domains offers regional pricing and the renewal price is cheaper than Namecheap.

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I wonder if it would be okay to include a small analytics script on my personal website, or if I could do analytics by myself to just find out how many people access my website.

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LeoCAD is a FOSS lego model editor. You can build stuff in virtual lego bricks ! #linux #lego #cad

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・ *゚
  ・ ゚*
°*. ゚。
use #linux
。。 ・
。 ・゚

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