So, todays adventure was full of fighting with a OneClick net 2.0 application I need for work. It ofc can't install via Wine.

Oh well, Windows VM > Windows.

Got fed up with Windows 10 AGAIN fighting with our Zebra Label Printer at work, installed Linux on my X1 and now everything is bliss ~

Really cool episode!

Late Night Linux All Episodes: Late Night Linux Extra – Episode 31

So, anyone got an alternative to for ? I want to fix meta data for stuff that i put on my Kobo H20, but i want to save everything on a NFS share too which complicates the process of using calibre, since i need to move the books back and forth between the share and my desktop. (Unable to have the Calibre library on a mounted network drive, it flips out completely when doing that) :ablobfoxbongo:

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The Aves 60 is now in the works. It's straight up a 60% version of the Aves 65. More details and release date to be announced later.

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Oh, my now has proper keys instead of donor keys from my old ducky!

The PCB is made by @iokeyboards , do check them out! :ablobcatwink:

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Took a pic a while ago of my . Guess i need new screens, these are now 10+ years old! :ablobcatbongo:

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The non-blocker version of the Aves 65 is on it's way from the manufacturer now. It should be in stock on our website soon!

So, help me out here fedi. I want to start building my own homelab to learn about servers, networking and remote management. What hardware should I start with? At the moment my server is a raspberry pi for some light NFS use. :blobcatthink:

So, I’ve never been the type to watch movies, I’ve always prefered anime or games. But I guess It’s time to plow the movie field. Created a Letterboxd account so I can keep track on everything, since the backlog is so long. :blobcatmelt:​

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