The new Andrew Huang video unexpectedly has a Linux coming-out as the top comment:
Maybe you want to join in the discussion? :D
#FOSS #Linux #MusicProduction #AndrewHuang #YouTube

Agreeing with a recent post on #reddit: when visual designers get pressured to choosing aesthetics over function, us users lose. #Usability #UX #Design

Today I wrote a bit about leaving WordPress for GitHub Pages and then leaving GitHub Pages for GitLab Pages 😂!


This is Rackterm running Rash REPL, both installed in system scope via Gentoo's Portage.

With this triumphant presentation I like to announce that we don't break your system during installation of those Racket packages. ;D

Thanks to Racket Discord community and great thanks to Tom Gillespie (tgbugs) with whom I've spent last 3 days fighting bugs.

THE commit:

Someone compiled a portable Lua executable (working on both Linux and Windows) by using Cosmopolitan libc.

"Ok Google, Lumos Maxima" - włącza latarkę. Szkoda, że "Ok Google, Alohomora" nie odblokowuje bootloader'a. 😕

#HarryPotter #Google

Clojure people! Clojure has a "maintainer-needed" status in Gentoo (and a new version is available).

I won't help here since I'm mostly into scheme, not clojure and/or JVM

Hi guys. So I am trying to make a list of all the video editors available for Linux. If you can think of any more, please let me know.

Which video editor do you use on Linux?

I'm absolutely loving this new icon for Firefox Nightly😂

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