Configure your baloo indexer, otherwise You will ens up with huge index DB and burning CPU!

- disable "Also index file content"
- dsable indexing of whole HOME
- add only picked folders

Writing a “good” pretty-printer for Scheme is surprisingly hard: it makes you realize there’s plenty of context-dependent unwritten rules that you wouldn’t really know how to express, in addition to the many special cases for forms like ‘call-with-output-file’, ‘case’, etc.


Polish Pleroma Programming Languages (enthusiasts) instance

I think GitLab added "Gentoo Ebuild" file type to repo stats just now. least it appeared on my repos now.

Words fail me in expressing my frustration with the lack of standardization on phones and tablets for booting operating systems. You can't even get Android updates on phones sold with Android unless the manufacturer deigns to backport and release a build for your specific phone model. This is so technologically and socially backward and immoral.

Started using the brwap program (bubblewrap) to manage my chroots.

On July 31 2021 #Zchan was first revealed, so here's her birthday cake for her first anniversary !!
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

My thinkpad arrived today! Just E14 with a Zen 3 Ryzen 5 and 16G of RAM.
Initially had a few issues with making it boot off USB and getting networking to work, but now it works pretty good and I'm happy with it.

Altered States is a prequel to From Beyond :thinking:

Succesfully built livecd with home-environment inside, yay!

Trying to bake my whole home config with graphical session into livecd next?

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