Today I wanted to find a way to watch IPTV on my .

After multiple tests, I had the best experience with MPV combined with mpv-iptv (

@GirthyChode I'm really happy and proud to have a Pinephone as my daily driver but I can't recommend it to anyone because how good it is depends on your expectations.

Trying to daily drive a Pinephone equals living on the edge imo.

@xaviers I already have a pinephone, lmao sorry should have been more specific. I was talking about IPTV

@GirthyChode My bad I thought it was yet another "should I buy a pinephone" question.

So about IPTV, yes it's running great on my pinephone with mpv, the video stream is almost entirely smooth. On desktop I'd prefer to use hypnotix.

I'm subscribed to JuiceTV, it's probably not the perfect service in terms of stability but for the price and the number of channels, it's worth it for me.

@xaviers That's pretty dope man, I frequent IPT and they have an IPTV service, I might just try it out sometime

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