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for @PINE64 / (2021/10/22) has released.

Release Notes + Downloads: github.com/dreemurrs-embedded/

is now available as an option, check it out if you haven't!

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If you're updating Arch Linux ARM today and got a unsatisfied dependency error, then this is a upstream issue: archlinuxarm.org/forum/viewtop

We're already aware of this, please wait for upstream to resolve the issue on their end.

I finally found a way that suits me for making desktop apps while improving my web front-end skills.

I'll be releasing in a few days the first version of OpenTapes, a convergent/adaptative app for streaming Hip-Hop mixtapes.

It's a rewrite and a more polished version of my app KMixtapez made using (an Electron Rust alternative) and .js.

Here are some screenshots.

Well, it's time to remove the Mandalorian helmet.

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I remember the day banned my personal account because I was crawling with it.
That was 7+ years ago when I still was a minor.

So glad they did.

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Improvements for those of us who run #phosh daily on their #librem5:
- the media player allows to skip in songs/podcasts (by @ollieparanoid)
- headphones show a different icon
- music player gets muted on headphone unplug

#purism #gnomeonmobile #linux

I'm not sure what will be the purpose of my once I have the in my hands.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could ship them back to @PINE64 so they can be useful there?

Aaand my wish has been fulfilled! The wishing support guys are pretty reactive

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October Update:

Introducing the - $399

and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

major firmware progress & project management update


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The Ultimate Battle 💬

I just found out that by unfollowing/muting most of my LinkedIn connections, I can have some kind of enjoyable feed.

So this time, I'll probably not disable my account once I'm done with my job search.

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I feel like thinking like this is why it's stll so difficult for people to start using Linux. If a full third of the community thinks that installing things from source is the easiest way to get a program, that's going to affect how they provide resources and what sort of help they're giving to people who are starting out.
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To all the silly business owners that required Facebook to login to use their services, great job tieing yourself the the titanic... It can't be sunk, except by one iceburg with a tiny tip above the water.
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