Infini-iOS users! I could use some input on a couple of issues that are currently open on the GitHub repo. Please swing by and check out the issues tagged as questions, and let me know what you think!


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September Update Time!

- rolling out & introducing bounties

- @talkpine returns soon!

- keyboard production, hurdles & add-on cases

- impressions & software progress

- InfiniTime 1.4 & more

- Stack dev report

And much more!

Just graduated with a BS in Cybersecurity! Now I can get back to the coding projects I actually want to work on…

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Prison profiteer @SecurusTech filed a patent application describing how they would monitor online purchases of people on the outside who love those on the inside:

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Introducing the Catalog of Carceral Surveillance!

Over the next week we will shed light on some of the prison tech companies like @SecurusTech and @GTLCorporate are building, and are actively used or may soon be coming to prisons across the country.

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#InfiniTime 1.4.0 "Pink Grapefruit" is out : improved touch driver, color picker for the PineTimeStyle watchface, improved UI, battery level measurement and call notifications and much more!
Enjoy InfiniTime "Pink Grapefruit" on your @PINE64 #PineTime !

Infini-iOS v0.8.5 released on TestFlight today! Bug fixes and some UI adjustments based on your feedback from TestFlight and GitHub issues (thank you!!!)

users, be sure to upgrade (or install it if you haven't already)!

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Infini-iOS, my companion app for iOS, is now available on TestFlight! users, come take a peek!

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ICYMI: We just had our August 2021 Community Update!

We announced the PineNote: a high-end e-ink device powered by the same SoC as the Quartz64.

We also went into detail on upcoming hardware and software updates for PinePhone, Pinebook Pro, and Pinetime.

Read now:

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August Community Update!

We're excited to announce the
: fast refresh e-ink panel, 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC, Rockchip RK3566- $399

- keyboard enters production - coming soon

- new touchpad firmware

- &

- development updates

And _much_ more!

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The August community update is due in a week, and we've got some really exciting news to share with you this month.

If you haven't done so yet, consider subscribing to our blog (widget at bottom of the page) to stay up to date:

Apple Music controls implemented in Infini-iOS, the iOS companion app for running on that I've been working on. If you've got a mac and are willing to build software from a stranger, come check it out and let me know what you think!

Also just so sorry to anyone that actually reads any of this code... It's literally my first coding project that isn't a shell/python script so there's a lot of loose ends. Go easy on me!

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Working on an iOS companion app for my new ! Wish I knew anything about Swift or SwiftUI or BLE or XCode or iOS notifications or any of the other myriad things that would make this not such a strug.

I do have some pretty basic functionality though! Read/subscribe to HRM & battery levels and display on app UI, set the time on the watch, send test notifications, and listen for InfiniTime music app button presses.


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