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What is your favorite blog post that advocates for fediverse use that i could send to a normie?

Something that covers what the fedi is, why its better than centralized, and why they should use it.

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I started using xmpp + otr, im loving it. x86Cow@greysec.net

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Hi Friends! I'm a little linux nerd hobbyist who enjoys coffee and carbs, and movement like hiking and dancing.

I built my first computer in 2016, and after a lot of research, decided to run Linux and have never looked back. I'm currently running ArcoLinux with xfce/i3.

I'm not new to Mastodon altogether, but I am new to Fosstodon. I might have chatted with some of you back when I was active on LinuxRocks 😀. Nice to be here!

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Hello! I’m a FOSS enthusiast who’s giving this federated social media thing a try! I currently tool around with Manjaro on my @PINE64 Pinebook Pro and my old AF MacBook Air. Not a dev by any means, but happy to contribute in any way I can to the community.

Im trying to switch to keybase instead of discord, is it worth it?

I finally have a rice im kind of happy with, using bspwm, polybar

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I will never be 100% FOSS. Deleting Facebook and Twitter was easy for me. Other things (Spotify, Uber, Discord) I don't see happening in the near future. What are some things that you are less willing to let go of?

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My main present this year is this Logitech flight stick. Works perfectly with Linux as a USB HID joystick. Set it up with Kerbal Space Program and started learning to fly with it. I'm already better at planes than with a keyboard, though I still can't reliably land on a runway.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. Got the x200 so im happy wish you all the same joy

I am starting to setup my website right now, trying to join 512k club (thanks @kev )

Just did my application for JROTC, super nervous for interview but whatever

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Yet another developer here who appreciates open source, privacy, and decentralization. Huge thank you to everyone who made this possible, it's really cool!

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This also includes sacrificing some of the things that people think are 'standard' now.

Things like using POP3 over IMAP or ActiveSync; Local music instead of Spotify, Apple Music or whatever Google hasn't internally killed yet; Local storage over remote "sync". Simple web pages/gemini over javascript laden toy sites.

TUI over GUI.

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I want a thinkpad x200 so badly, the sad thing is I don't have money 😭

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International Men's Day, serious 

This marks the 7th year of my brother-in-law's custody battle over the son of his previous marriage (he's currently married to my sister).

The mother is a narcissist, a stripper (when she can get work at all), abuses drugs, is deep in poverty, and has mothered 6 kids by 4 men.

The courts have awarded her the majority of my nephew's time, child support payments from my brother-in-law (which she spends on herself), and she is the child's primary caregiver. She manipulates the child and uses him as a pawn to get what she wants.

My nephew hasn't stopped growing up while this case has been argued in the courts. He's spending most of his finite childhood under his mother's tutelage, and it's going to impact his life forever.

US family courts are *heavily* skewed in favor of the mother, regardless of the circumstances.

So far my sans-patches build of dwm is going well. I have made scripts for screenshots with scrot and don't need a systray anymore.

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