@oros Thanks, I started digging into Mastodon instance yesterday and already joining 10 instances. Now I’m checking iOS and Mac apps to know which is the best to me. I’m excited!

@x5gtrn we you can always follow users from different instances rather than following too many instances. I guess you have to find out which is for you. This might help. joinmastodon.org/communities

@oros Wow, thank you for the information! Can move your account to a different community later without losing your followers?! Awesome! I think I should do it sooner. Do you have any idea to choose one of many instances already joined?

@x5gtrn yes you can move from one instance to another. I have done the same thing almost a month ago. It is automated if you go to the settings of your account you will see the procedure there.

You should chose your instance based on your interests I guess. You can watch what is being published by users and decide if it fits to your needs and interests.

@oros I update my microblog which is also podcast to the latest. I explain about Mastodon experience from yesterday. I'm happy if you have a look through.

@x5gtrn Cool video on Twitch! Some DJs in the foss/unix space like to stream on anonradio.net/ which is hosted by SDF. Maybe you could run a show there!

@thombles Wow, thank you for watching Twitch and giving me the information! I didn’t know aNONradio but it looks really cool platform that I really want to try! Ah, and I just update my microblog which is also podcast and explain my Mastodon experience. I'm happy if you have a look through.

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