Each serves a different purpose

I found it the easiest to replace each piece of centralised software one by one instead of trying to understand all of them at once

Thanks from a follow Zagrepčan for raising awareness and the effort for the show in general

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Hexchat, dino, riot and slowly moving over to finch

Just half an hour ago felt the biggest earthquake of my life, 2020 chill the feck down


Heard it was good but not great. Your choice if it's good enough for the price

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Are you bored yet?

Since lots of you (us included) are locked in their houses trying to avoid contact with other human beings, we thought it would be nice to spend this time socializing in front of computer with bunch of strangers you know so well from chats, social federated networks and whom you most probably never seen in real life.

Let's spend an evening drinking booze, eating junk, and shooting one another on Teeworlds. The first edition of Quarantine with Disroot starts on Saturday 21.03.2020 20:00 CET and will go on until last one standing. Server will probably stay on for the whole week or two if there are people willing to play.

Let's kick some CoVID butt.

Quick guide:
1. To get you started, install Tweeworlds either using your package manager if you are using a proper operating system like linux/bsd or go to teeworlds website and download it for your platform.
2. Once you're done with that, start the game.
3. Fisrt select "Setup" to add your players name, choose and customize your Tee is you like.
4. Hit play and find "Quarantine with Disroot" and join us.

The game is rather straight forward and easy to learn, and since probably we are all noobs, no worries we will equally suck at it :)

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NAS, privacy policy, rant 

Thank you so much, it works like a charm
I mean invidious works also but I always prefer cli over gui

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Rss your subscriptions and then you can just mpv them

Alternatively invidious or if you don't mind electron there's freetube

Actually had to check this, it's the xfce4-screenshooter

The client is toot. Higly recommend it
Also the the other two apps are also listed in the image description

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Copywriters, front-end devs, testers, and content reviewers: Can you help us bring our documentation up-to-date and make it relevant for millions worldwide?

Please join our second #DocsHackathon March 22-30.

This is a totally remote and online event.

Quite late, I know but here's I promised with my default Mastodon client, file manager and new favourite mail client

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Today's Follow Friday suggestions were submitted to us by others on Mastodon. We are also including those that did the suggestions!

#ff #followfriday

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Also had some suggested hashtags:

#privacy #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism #gafam #privacymatters #GDPR #Aadhaar


Can't wait for the ScreenshotSunday to compile all the good terminal app recommendations I got this week


Us based services are generally not preffered and with the new law proposals further removing privacy people are of course suspicious in ddg's ability to keep logs private even if they wanted to

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