You can (sort of) verify your identity on Mastodon if you own a website.

1. Go to Edit Profile > Appearance > Profile Metadata, add your website address (including https://) to the metadata section.

2. Copy the verification code into your website's code. (The verification code is next to the Metadata section)

3. Click "Save Changes" after you have done all of the above.

Your website will then be listed on your profile with a green background and a tick next to it, proving you are the owner.

@feditips you can also use @keyoxide to verify your online accounts (including Mastodon), although not that easy, it is still possible if you don't own a Website


@hbenjamin @feditips @keyoxide
Why would it be harder without a site?
I don't rememeber having any problems

@wuwei @feditips @keyoxide I meant the Keyoxide Verification is harder than just entering a personal website into your Mastodon Profile. (Because you have to fiddle with PGP)
Keyoxide is the same to set up with or without a website.

I also didn't have any problems, but I think beginners might have a harder time setting up PGP.
Although there are some really good guides on the Keyoxide website.

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