What keeps me from using Fedora as a daily driver is the lack of essential software. Fusion and Copr combined is not up to my liking.


Can you give an example of some software you're missing?

@wuwei DisplayCAL and ArgyllCMS for colour calibration, and veracrypt for disk encryption. They are in Copr repo but I cannot get them installed on Fedora 33 beta.



DisplayCAL is in the stable version, you have to be paitent if you're using beta

ArgyIICMS as far as I know works only on python2 so that's out of the picture until they update sadly

Veracrypt uses a weird liceance and since most users just use built-in LUKS it wasn't included just to be safe (again as far as I know)

Seems to me that an older version of Fedora could suit you better(or even a different distro)

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