Does anybody here have experience with (ex )?

Seems interesting enough to try but curious why It's not a bigger deal considering how great it looks on paper


In what way?
Hadn't had the time to really test it yet but at least the android version seems straightforward

@wuwei Voice/video works well on desktop, in my experience. Messaging and file transfer are a little rougher. It's certainly the closest thing we have to a replacement. I use it with my parents, both of whom are not very tech oriented, without issue. And NAT traversal has been better than other SIP solutions. There is no way in its current form competes for that audience. On mobile, things are a bit different. For some poeple it eats batteries and there are notification problems.

@hrthu @wuwei Your name tells me you might be interested in privacy aspects....
Jami can do a lot, but you should say what inetrests you. For me, Jami is only of interest if you want to chat safely. All the Voip, Video stuff is done better by others.


I don't need it for any specific purpose, I just like being up-to date on libre software available out there

If it end up liking a certain aspect of it I might use it for that aspect, if not I still get to recommend it someone or simply use it as an example of how to do or not do certain things in a communication app

@wuwei It does a lot which others also do, others maybe even do it better. What is special about Jami is that it gets along without a central server, which makes it very hard for authorities to spy on it or control it. Communicating with Jami is the most anonymous way available.

The serverless part is what caught my eye the most I must say, well that and it being a GNU project

Out of curiosity what issues did you have with the calling part of it?

@wuwei I use Csipsimple for Voip, it works well.

@wuwei I tried their mobile app ( android ), seems like it have battery leak problem now. But I like the concept.

It has all the features to expect from a conventional messenger, except group chats, which is probably the main reason for the low popularity.

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