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I change my Ethernet fluid every 3 months or 10,000 gigabytes, whichever comes first.

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@wuwei My reaction to your comment is: Please, please tell me this is some kind of extreme satire.

Friend, as long as I am forced to do the things I do not want to do, and the alternative of not doing them is to starve or be homeless, then yes that is slavery. Forced labor. Can you have any argument against this?
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Aaaaaah yes, that systemd logic..

Debian still having trouble with merged /usr

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The next release of the real-time, customizable, self-documenting display editor that we all know and love: GNU Emacs 28.1 is here! Check out lists.gnu.org/archive/html/ema to read more about the release and how to download the latest bits.

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Anyone here has experiance self hosting a password manager but for professional use?
Bitwarden official is a bloated mess and I don't feel like admining a Microsoft sql database.
The rust version though is a home project, can't really use it professionaly.
Syncthing+local password manager is an option but I'd prefer something with server-client architeture and not p2p.

Something independantly audited is a bonus and I need it for a small team so it doesn't have to be a full enterprise solution.

Update on my AIX administration:
Good news is I got praise for my work so far from both clients and coworkers.

Bad news: the whole project was a part of a shabby deal which didn't secure us the pay worth the effort.

At least I can put AIX administration on my CV

On wednesday got a driving test which is made trickier by a new inclusion of car cameras set up on the outside to monitor your turining arches and any questionable line crossings.

Who new fighting the algorithm would be a part of a driving test

Today a proprietary server was assigned to me "to admin" for the first in my career.
At least it's "just" an Unix(an AIX to be more precise).

Still had a headache finding my way around

Thanks to who ever I follow that posted about Veloren a few days ago, it reminded me I didn't check what's new in a while.
And let me tell you I'm loving it, too bad adulting has been keeping me too busy to properly enjoy it.
You're doing great work @veloren

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@cmdln Don't get your hopes up.
Knowing Epic Games and Fortnite, it's all going to go to shit.

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Everyone plz try to keep it CW'd.

That is all.

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I'm hiring a Linux systems administrator:


Feel free to ask me questions about this role.

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Look, there's been *another* massive banking leak, this one from Credit Suisse, showing complicity in laundering money for the world's greatest monsters: human traffickers, despots, criminals. They're calling it Suisse Secrets.


They had to call it that, because Swiss Leaks was already taken, for the 2015 UBS leaks that revealed UBS's complicity in the same fucking thing.


Bought a new pc and it seems the motherboard or procesor came defective.

Sure, I have a warranty but it's such a bother without a driving licence

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