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I'm sorry to say but I gave up on using XMPP, at least for now.

I travel a lot and can't be always online. The built-in relays for me at least, proved wanky at best and for now I can't be bothered to admin my own relay server just for something as basic as getting messages

To my contacs, you still can reach me through here, matrix or Email

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The idea of a "personal carbon footprint" was popularized by BP, the world's 6th largest polluter. They knew that passing the buck onto "individual responsibility" ensured they would never be held accountable.

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This is interesting... I found my country on the list (a small EU country) and I was surprised at the number of requests. I never thought the Police in my state would request data from our devices. State surveillance is EVERYWHERE, no matter where you live.

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1) No tech person needs to see #ads. If Google manages to block uBlock Origin, which is unlikely -- there will be Chromium forks based on the issue -- tech people will have the option of running Squid on VPSes to strip ads. The ads won't even consume residential bandwidth.

2) Even a penny per page adds up.

3) This would only work for commercial sites in walled gardens. No universal fee per HTTP GET would be practical. They tried walled gardens in the 1990s and it failed.

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Imagine a day, where asking a dev to restrict their app to some people is a normal behavior. Today, maybe 99,9% don't care due to the target. But what's next?
Do you like to choose freely an app with your needs or choose your needs due to apps?

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Hi here ! Does anyone know a powerful FOSS for editing videos ? I come from Adobe Premiere, which was really a great tool for editing, and most of the things I found kinda looked like WMM...
Or if it’s not FOSS, just a powerful editing software for Linux ?
Thanks :)

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We have saved Linux on the desktop from the old and curmodgeny and bad Linux distributions! Hooray!

Oh? Not being able to easily install malware was a *feature* of those distros? Hah! Don't be silly. Just install spotify and we'll blast some tunes to drown out the sound of those gentlemen diligently carrying your private data off into that van over there.

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Today I posted my first BBS message

My plan to move to a cottage in the mountains when I finally break has been upgraded to
moving to a cottage in the mountains with internet access and telnet being the only open port

I was troubleshooting the network outage this afternoon and forgot a terminal in the background where I was testing the connectivity by pinging the cloudflare dns

By the time I noticed it and closed it, it already sent 6k+ pings πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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I still find it surreal whenever I go on fedi and see self proclaimed Marxist-Leninists call for the execution of billionaires like it was just another chore to be done with.

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@normandc @kiri
Just take a look at this funny wallpaper that I found recently :tux:

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@michel_slm That's one of the aspects of banks I really dislike. IMO, if it requires a SIM card, it's not suitable for 2FA, whether that's SMS or voice.

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The Internet Archive.

They used 60 petabytes of disk space end of last year. Someone needs to run all that.…

I went to a couple of years ago and I pay them monthly. I feel good about it every time I go to https://β€Œ and I go there a lot.
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See how much #Linux stuff you could learn if you followed the #ManMeBot hashtag?? What are y'all even doing!

ManMeBot has posted 860 Linux commands since he was born. A fun little project I whipped up early in my Fediverse career.

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Today morning my Firefox for Android upgraded to some shit called "The New Firefox".
OK, I can tolerate the new design (pretty shitty to me), but FUCK: where my top sites, Firefox hid half of them, and the main issue - it totally deleted Duckduckgo search engine and switch the default search to Google. By the way, now there is no easy way to add custom search engine by long tap then "add search engine" - you should create it manually, by copying and editing the search string.
Mozilla, you suck.

@amolith Please add me to EU Politics, FLOSS, Free Culture, Free Software, Information Technology, Infosec, Linux, Open Education, Privacy, Sysadmins, Technology, Vim

Oracle thinking of buying tictoc...
Well that's a sure way to kill it, good thinking Americans

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OH: "GNU Emacs, which is a sort of hybrid between Windows Notepad, a monolithic-kernel operating system, and the International Space Station."

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