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Hey #Mastodon / #Pleroma creatures, which interface(s) do you use on a regular basis, and if you feel like explaining, why do you like it? Select all that apply!

Boosts for visibility would be much appreciated!
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Anyone want a badass senior release manager, experienced in F/LOSS? Bay Area/Remote. I'm so proud of my work at Mozilla, shipping Firefox to hundreds of millions of people around the world. linkedin.com/in/lizhenry/ <3

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Mozilla laid off about 70 employees today. The executive chair makes $2.5M/year, or about $35K per laid off employee.

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Thank you so, so much software freedom friends!! We met our fundraising match and are looking forward to an exciting year of enabling more free software, growing the movement, enforcing the GPL and empowering more users! Whoo!! sfconservancy.org/supporter/

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Expired: CVE numbers

Tired: Named bugs with websites and theme songs

Wired: NSA PR hype about a Windows 10 vulnerability literally to mend its rep among infosec industry

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Hi! As some of you know, I helped out some of my friends at @conservancy this year with their funding campaign: dustycloud.org/blog/conservanc

This was partly for fun, but it was mostly because I really believe in it. Conservancy does critical work in standing up for user freedom principles and in supporting tons of FOSS projects (lots of which you probably use).

There's 2 days left and over $17k to go. If you haven't donated yet, they could use your help! sfconservancy.org/supporter/

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The Software Freedom @conservancy , which helps manage funds and provides a legal home for the Inkscape project, is seeking your help for its donation match!

There are 6 days left to raise about $30K. Consider donating for software freedom today & have your donation count double!

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This is really worrying: the Open Source Initiative now appears to be succumbing to lobbying from sketchy blockchain startups to approve problematic licenses theregister.co.uk/2020/01/03/o

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Initially, I had been planning to make @RedactedLife's support page link to my fosspay instance. After a conversation with a friend about the state of things, I've decided to make a list of some lesser-known developers and projects that are vital to the open source ecosystem and encourage listeners to support them. I don't really *need* the money and am happy to pay for everything out of pocket but these people often depend on donations for their livelihood.

If anyone has some recommendations, please send me a link! :blobcheer:

:BoostOK: Boosts appreciated

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goodbye kaniini

rip pleroma, living in the shadow of an elephant with all these poachers will be difficult


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StreetComplete is an Android app which finds wrong, incomplete or extendable data in the user’s vicinity. It lists them as easily answered questions, thereby allowing changes to be made directly on site without having to use another editor.

Data issues are presented to the user as markers on a map. They can be solved by filling out a simple form to complete/correct the information.


#StreetComplete #openstreetmap #osm

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Every boot story since BIOS is hot garbage. ARM, UEFI, even RISC-V boot up is dumb as hell

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'His #Pawn #Cheated And Killed My Pawn!'

Every day at #Chess.com we get a lot of suggestions, feedback and bug reports—and we really appreciate it! One of the most common bug reports looks something like this: In my game, I moved my pawn to h4 and somehow his pawn from g4 managed to kill it and jump to h3. Smells suspiciously like #hacking. Or...


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>Give it another few years, folks, and Twitter will be dead. They can't keep playing this game much longer.
The fediverse has many much worse problems than twitter.

Yet another influx of mostly political activists will not help our problems.
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If you do Open Source and privacy related software and think Discord is suitable as a support/community platform... Don't expect me to take your intentions seriously.

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I currently working on a classical music library on the open.audio Funkwhale instance. Since I want the library to be public I'm searching for classical music in the public domain or with a Creative Commons license. So any tip is much appreciated.

Example of an album that I added to the library

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Jesus Christ, this "personalization" option is sinister. I think this one was turned on by default. Shit like this is why I'm worried cyberpunk is going to turn out to be our real future.

#privacy #tracking

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TSR - The Server Room Show
Every Saturday 6PM UTC on Anonradio.net

Episode 06:

Topics for Discussion on this episode:

My daily job as an IT Analyst


Call in and Contact details:
DID: +1 910 665 9191
SIP: 261414@sanjose2.voip.ms
Email: viktormadarasz@sdf.org

Listen Live:


Episode Notes:


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