I've been looking for a good reddit alternative for years and only today have I heard about Dread. I mean sure, being an onion site it's riddled with shady marketplace subreddits but hey at least there's no shady javascript.

Worst part is I accidentally saw it on a Instagram post screenshot I received, of all places

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You've been waiting patiently and here it is - a "past year" filter for DuckDuckGo search results! Previously the maximum time length was one month - we've now upped that to 12

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E Coin just launched! Oh wait no, it's called "Libra" in this timeline. True to its name, it will provide freedom to corporations, while of course the unimportant peasantry will have tightened shackles.

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I'll go as far as to say that Facebook, as a whole, is a threat to humanity.
Facebook can do irreversible damage to our Psyche, Society, Social Constructs, Behaviour and Mental health.

This "Company" needs to be regulated and crippled as much as possible. They are greedy and will stop at nothing until they have consumed and monetized us all, entirely.

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I am *very* intrigued :blobamused:

You can hide a proxy behind a regular web server like NGINX. I proxy a few websites already to help with censorship but running something like this could (literally) open up a whole new world for some.

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Hey folks. In honor of the Great Invidious Purge affecting most (if not all) instances I will be starting up my own Invidious instance.

"You can stop me, but you can't stop us all... After all, we're all alike."

Fuck you, Google.

Yours truly,
Jane Doe

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Today is the Day against #DRM! Join us and the @fsf@twitter.com in raising awareness about digital restrictions
fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201910 #IDAD

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Remember people, tomorrow is , so let's all not use for at least that entire day.

So a regular day for me.

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We are happy to announce we have a new sponsor!

@support provides managed Pixelfed hosting, app.spacebear.ee/


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I need a Linux Distro for portable use. (like Puppy Linux)
It must be persistent.
I have a 16GB flash drive.

What is the best?

- I have tried Ubuntu 19.10 with persistent storage. It works but that's not what I need.

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I'm pretty astonished that openstreetmap has far more detailed information than any other local navigation apps. It even shows the precise location of toilet in BUILDINGS! Our native apps don't show BUILDINGS at all.

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Tutanota is blocked in Egypt. This shows that we must keep fighting for our right to privacy and freedom of speech! ✊

Running on my phone through

I finally actually enjoy using my phone again instead of just seeing it as a necessary evil.

And hot damn does it look nice

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If you are an #OpenStreetMaps user, I built a simple app that allows to display different maps ordered in categories.

You can use your location and switch easily from a map to another one.

It's really simple currently and we are testing it. The idea is from @Bristow_69

Source: framagit.org/tom79/openmaps

Download: framadrive.org/s/xak7f4rjMkYdW


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If you use FOSS software and you really enjoy it, please donate to the developers. We are investing in the future!

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We are aware of a bug affecting accounts with 2FA trying to log into mobile apps.

Instead of disabling 2FA on your account, please wait for the fix. It will be released soon!

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Does anyone know a good provider that can offer Anycast enabled servers?
(Like NetActuate or BuyVM - but more pops)

#anycast #vps #askfediverse #sysadmin #bgp

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I am searching beta testers who :
- Use Google Play
- Have an account on Mastodon & Pixelfed
- That don't care about clunky UI
- That don't throw their device when an app crash
- And that love to send bug reports

If you are one of them, ping me so I can give you a code for getting Fedilab :)

Boosts appreciated (thanks)

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