I see lots of Japanese and Chinese in the Fediverse timeline. But why have I never seen any Korean?

@nimbius@layer8.space It's not my job to change other people's minds.

@hankg What caught my attention is that he goes by the native Korean spelling of "Pak" and not "Park." Eh, sorry, I'm really worn out on this nation's ability to tear itself apart.

@Sovereignhominin That's the idea. I think instances can block each other, though.

@bigl0af I can still get to it.

EDIT: Hang on, T-Mobile resolves to ar15-backup.com

@Jpsmithnyc Yeah, we Libertarians are always running around threatening people.

@gudenau I'm still on Java 8. I guess someone should give me a walker and put me in a retirement home.

@koreymoffett It's weird and takes a while to get used to. But the most useful tools I have written have been in Rust.

@Delroy Or perhaps they will find it more viable to simply become a Mastodon instance.

@Bells Screw this crap! I live in a state capitol (Boise). I'm staying inside with my guns. I won't be the easiest target to defeat.

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