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Official systemd support in WSL is now out:
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Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.67.6 has just been released to Windows Insiders. This is huge because it introduces official support for systemd -

In August, one new financial contributor joined. We received $45 from 2 financial contributors and we spent $42. Our current balance is $65.

Thank you! 🙏

After 2 years of (sporadic) development, wslu 4.0.0 is finally ready. Will do another review before merge.

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WSL 0.66.2 has been released to Windows Insiders. There are some nice updates to WSLg and GPU paravirtualization in this release as well as some bugfixes.

My other project WSL Garden is now completely abandoned and merged back into WSL Utilities. That means, WSL Utilities will now inherit all the projects, and first of all, the logo. The project specific logo "wslu" will not change.

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Neat! The catchy new trailer for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS features machine learning usage, @code, a @wslutilities sticker, Windows running virtualization, and more.

WSL Utilities is featured on the official Ubuntu trailer… as a laptop sticker 🙈

This is a first post of WSL Utilities on Mastodon. This will try to be used as a example to sync to the Twitter account.


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