Here ten minute sketch in .

Bet 10 minutes per day is better than a couple hours every week.

Put together a small sky-vault for . Comparison shot between the blueprint and in-game.

I'm going to drop by the server in about an hour. Catch me and say "hi" if you're free.

has dungeons full of monsters. Here's an underground fort you can start an expedition from.

Travelnet is WeavingOfSmoke / SmokeStack.

@taikedz There's no integration, though it's possible someone could come up with something.

I actually enjoy playing the game, so I just use goxel to work out the blueprint and then "build" things the old fashioned way.

It's easy to make blueprints using the editor, Goxel.

Here's a short tour of the features I've been using:

builders - it'd be fun to see what you can do at Acacia Valley. Reach it at the WeavingOfSmoke/Smokestack travelnet on the techeth server.

@illunaminetest Okay. Says it's incompatible with 4.x clients, so if you're able to wait until we're sure 5.0 easily compiles on Debian first, I'll be extra grateful.

1. No larger than 10x10x10
2. Prefer ground-level materials
3. Include a bed, stove, and at least one chest or shelf

Ideally it's a fun little break that won't eat up your whole evening.

Building a in reminds you to focus on getting creative instead of getting busy.

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Dear players, it's wintertime and the Christmas-Event has started on Illuna! 🎅
So much snow in our lovely TechEth world these day's and christmas is right around the is now time to officially announce our Christmas-Event, which will be available 'til februar 2th.
Read more about it here: and get exclusive items!
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