It's easy to make blueprints using the editor, Goxel.

Here's a short tour of the features I've been using:

builders - it'd be fun to see what you can do at Acacia Valley. Reach it at the WeavingOfSmoke/Smokestack travelnet on the techeth server.

1. No larger than 10x10x10
2. Prefer ground-level materials
3. Include a bed, stove, and at least one chest or shelf

Ideally it's a fun little break that won't eat up your whole evening.

Building a in reminds you to focus on getting creative instead of getting busy.

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Dear players, it's wintertime and the Christmas-Event has started on Illuna! 🎅
So much snow in our lovely TechEth world these day's and christmas is right around the is now time to officially announce our Christmas-Event, which will be available 'til februar 2th.
Read more about it here: and get exclusive items!
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