Hey all, I'm new here. Looking forward to testing out Mastodon again. Been using Linux for well over a decade; wrote "openSUSE Linux Unleashed" awhile back. Who's using openSUSE here? .

Hey! I don’t use openSUSE, but there were a lot of interesting sounding presentations about it at Scale 17x so I’m curious. What do you like about it?

@phoebe The best thing about openSUSE is the YaST admin interface. Everything you need is right there. Software repos are massive, and easy to find. Community is well-organized and friendly too. Check it out!

Hey, welcome to Fosstodon. Hopefully you enjoy Mastodon more this time around!

@workingwriter Welcome to Fosstodon! I used suse for a bit to try it out. It is very solid. Love the yast tool. I am a Debian user though for both desktop and server.

@mdbekhit Thanks! Yes, yast is a wonderful tool, openSUSE's secret weapon. I've even given talks about it! Like Debian too, but haven't used it lately.

SuSE Linux was my first linux system ever. Version 7.3 I guess. Stayed until the first with KDE 4 integrated and started distro hopping. Mostly used Debian, Fedora and Arch in between with some returns to openSUSE until I returned to openSUSE fully with Leap 15 beta.
Now I am running openSUSE Leap 15 on my home desktop, my laptop and my company's business laptop. Most stable one I ever ran. Love it.

So welcome at fosstodon!

@crowbyte Thx for the welcome. Yeah, that KDE 4 transition was a bit bumpy, wasn't it? I have enjoyed playing with Manjaro recently, but I love Leap too. Looking forward to 15.1.

Will have to go look at your new blog!

The KDE 4 transition was very bumpy, adopted KDE 4 a bit too early on. Was more like a tech preview than a usable desktop back then.

Manjaro is nice but wasn't stable for me somehow.
Leap 15 is running on all machines now and is doing so rock solid.
15.1 will be interesting, too. Hope the update is smooth.

Hope you find some articles that you like. Thanks!

I am using it for my main systems at home (Leap 15, with some extra repos).

@workingwriter I've been using openSUSE as my daily driver for 8 years now. Oh, I also have this on my bookshelf.

@fuddster I'm honored. Thanks for reading! Happy you've found it useful.

@workingwriter I'm using Opensuse leap 15 on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-T8 that was found in the trash here at the hospital where I work. I ran Tumbleweed for awhile, until an update conflicted with my CPU. I think I started with Opensuse 13.2. Where might someone find OPENSUSE Linux Unleashed?

@kenny_fields_1963 The last edition of openSUSE Linux Unleashed covered version 10.3, so it's just a little dated. That said, you can probably get one at your fave online outlet, perhaps even used (cheap!). I've got some copies lying around here too. DM me if you like.

@workingwriter Thanks for the offer, but that sounds like some work to get current. I'll just stick with leap 15. I'm playing with a distro from called archex right now. Also, I want to install Zenwalk on a tower I was given some time back. I will research the Unleashed version though. It sounds intriguing.

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