Any TLDR on what's happened to freenode?

@lyndon hostile takeover by some fuckwad, everybody is moving to

@Crylo maybe a slightly less TLDR 😅 like why is he a fuckwad?

@lyndon he was supposed to be just funding freenode but little did the staff know he was technically the owner of freenode limited, so he decided to change shit without consulting the staff


@Crylo @lyndon Kind of. They knew he was owner of Freenode Limited, but that wasn't supposed to mean anything because Freenode wasn't supposed to be owned by Limited. But now it is for some reason.

And it's a little more nuanced than that, because he thought he was perfectly entitled to do everything he did. From his perspective, it wasn't a hostile takeover. (Though it did end up a little hostile, it was a relatively amicable regaining-of-rightful-control.)

Anyway, go to Libera.


@wizzwizz4 @Crylo @lyndon Finally someone who just doesn't go say the guy is the worst and actually looks at both sides. Thank you


@XxAlexXx @lyndon

it's hard not to be biased against a dude who lamented about cancel culture because everyone was leaving freenode


@Crylo @lyndon I said in my post on the situation that this was not the guy's fault. He was just trying o get his power back. He is the CEO and he had lost his admin access. He rightfully had to call the police to get the power back


@XxAlexXx @Crylo @lyndon Oh, he wasn't
*actually* entitled to any of it, though. The most he could do was seize the DNS and forbid Freenode use of the name “Freenode”.

He was CEO of a whole lot of nothing. Frankly, I think he went wrong when he created the Official Freenode Board™ and put only himself on it; it should've consisted of actual Freenode stakeholders (admins and users – or chosen representatives of such). Everything else was miscommunication (ish), but *that*…


@wizzwizz4 @Crylo @lyndon He bought the control from Candice and funded the project. He has power of share over the company and can do whatever he wanst. Candice gave him THAT much power which is absolutely stupid and she should be questioned for it



@XxAlexXx @Crylo @lyndon Except she couldn't *sell* the control, any more than a Prime Minister or President can sell their country. The company had no administrative power over Freenode; rather, Freenode had power over its holding company Freenode Limited (until it was sold).

And I'm not sure how he *could've* “funded the project”; the only real expenses were the servers (most of which were provided by people *other* than Andrew Lee), and the (unpaid) staff's volunteered time.


@XxAlexXx @Crylo @lyndon Freenode was never for sale. It's regrettable he believed it was, and that he'd bought it, but he *hadn't*.

Until a few days ago, Freenode wasn't even property – it was as ownable as the sky, or the Internet.

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