Some thoughts on this domain, services, guidelines 

I haven't revised my guidelines since 2018. I really want to get help from some other moderators on how I can improve things.

As always, this instance and the other services are open for registration and I'm ready to actively moderate and listen to any feedback. The only reason I haven't updated is because of lack of other users.

I don't advertise the instance much because I don't feel like anyone feels compelled to come over, but that should really change. If I can convince anyone to move from some of the highly populated instances over to my little corner of the internet, it's a change for the better. A "hidden" danger of having giant instances is difficulty in moderating the content of those instances. Moving to a smaller one will always benefit the users in that aspect IMO.



services, guidelines 

@shadow8t4 I'm not a fedi mod, but your Basic Guideline 3a might need revising. That's very culture-specific (which I only know from witnessing policy arguments on other sites, e.g. the comments on – that might not be a problem if all your users share enough culture, but in theory it might be better to write something else, instead. (I have no clue what you could replace it with, though.)

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