advertising is a far bigger act of vandalism and nuisance on public spaces than graffiti

@melissasage I always like to bitch about how we condemn texting while driving, while allowing billboards, an object whose sole purpose is to distract you while you're driving. Like, don't get me wrong, you shouldn't be on your phone while driving, but billboards can be just as bad, and you don't even really get to consciously choose to be distracted


@auravulpes @melissasage I'm fine with the ads pages in newspapers. I make a point of reading those, because they don't employ dirty tactics to steal my attention. If the advert is actually informative, I check out the organisation, and if it didn't lie, I consider paying them money.

Adverts on the road? Pretty sure they're illegal in most countries. They're just a terrible idea. I'd be interested to see statistics on crashes v.s. hoarding locations.

@wizzwizz4 @auravulpes wait, hold on, ads on roads are illegal in places other than the US??

@melissasage @auravulpes In the UK, they're illegal unless the government permits them, which it doesn't. I've only ever seen three, one of which is actually a pirate signpost on a rusty tractor (hooray for loopholes!) and the other two were just the names of nearby science parks.

(This information is not as certain as my usual toots, because I couldn't verify my knowledge online, because nobody talks about why these things are absent, because their absence is not in any way upsetting.)

@melissasage @wizzwizz4 @auravulpes They're legal in many states here in the US. I grew up in Maine, where they're illegal, moving to Florida was quite the experience.

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