There are some serious concerns with Firefox's plans to turn in DoH. I, for one, am not happy with all Firefox DNS traffic being sent to a US companies servers. See this article for more info:


> Another way one could do is switching the browser from Firefox, but honestly, we don't know to which. In terms of privacy we haven't found something we can recommend to you out there. In fact that's why this step of Mozilla concerns us so much - they have been the last resort for many of us.

We need to make another browser. I like Mozilla and all, but they aren't infallible, and we're completely reliant on them for web access.

IMHO Mozilla and Firefox should be supported by the opensource community as much as possible, by working with them rather than ditching them each time they make a choice that might not be exactly perfect, because I believe they are trying to do the right thing, and we would be much poorer without them.

@simon @JayT Oh, yes, of course. But currently, Mozilla has an effective monopoly. We need more engines.

Surely chrome has the monopoly and we need to encourage the tiny share Firefox has?


@simon @JayT Chrome has the monopoly globally, and we need to encourage Firefox there. Firefox has the monopoly over "people who are aware of privacy issues and like privacy", and we need to create a competitor for Firefox there.

(A competitor for Firefox won't hurt Firefox; competition is good.)

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