I want to tell y'all something I love about .

We're small (<1000 weekly users), but we have a *huge* team of moderators: hub.fosstodon.org/about/the-te There are six of us—more than the team a mastodon.social!

That means that we pretty much always have *somebody* around to moderate.

It also means that no one person speaks for the whole instance. We have a whole team devoted to enforcing our CoC. We might not always agree, but we're all working to make welcoming for everyone

@codesections kev has made it quite clear that he is not, in fact, working to make fosstodon welcoming for everyone. Kick him out or shut up.

@LogicalDash @codesections

I also disagree. @kev has been a massive help to the community; kicking him out just because of one toot wouldn't be fair.

Opinions aren't immutable, and he should be given a fair chance to try to understand why his actions have caused harm. I don't even expect him to apologise – forced apologies are meaningless –, though he might decide to anyway if and when he sees why it's important to "pander to people's feelings".


I wrote up a three-part toot trying to explain why "what words people use" is significant when there's a lot more of one type of person than another in a group. fosstodon.org/@wizzwizz4/10239

Because nobody else seemed to be bothering to point out why this was important, and instead was making it a Holy Moral Issue.

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