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Yep, only getting worse world wide. The solution to racism is more racism, the solution to sexism is more sexism, the solution to scary words is to surpress free speach. Why be forced to deal with the world when you can just ban what bothers you ?

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I have to disagree with you there.

The Petrie Multiplier (davidchart.com/2013/10/20/the-) states that, if men and women are both equally sexist, the sexism experienced by the minority group increases by the square of the ratio between the sexes.

Equally, the Shelling Segregation model, illustrated in the Parable of the Polygons (ncase.me/polygons/), suggests that populations that don't make an actual effort to diversify tend to self-segregate.


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The upshot of this is that any particular group is going to be incredibly cruel to its minority factions, unless they go out of their way to prevent it.

It's fine to expect somebody to deal with five times the sexist remarks as other people. Not so to expect them to deal with twenty five times what other people have to deal with. And yet, in an 80:20 gender-balance ratio, that's what you get.



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So yes. We do have to tread lightly, and go out of our way to avoid offending people. We have to employ "reverse sexism" and "positive action".

The alternative is systematic oppression.


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