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We are pleased to announce that we got funding by the EU’s Assure via the NLnet Foundation to work on some important features in Monal.

See the details here: monal-im.org/post/00003-nlnet-

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I think now is the time to explain it.

I'm developing a Linux operating system called NebiOS, which is a mix of Windows and macOS (and also has my own design or feature ideas) for those who want to use macOS but can't afford to buy a Mac, or who say they can't open their games and programs on a Mac. I've been developing for about 8 months, those who are interested can check it out at the address below.


My friends who's using Nginx. I want to tell you about a great GitHub project. It's a fast, easy and (in my opinion) reliable script. Maybe they will add foreign language support too in the future 😊.

(Bunkerized NGINX or Bunkerweb) github.com/bunkerity/bunkerweb

LUKS disk encrpytion with nuke options. Google that !

Size çok eski ve komik bir anımdan bahsetmek istiyorum. Eskiden severek girdiğim ve katkıda bulunmaktan çekinmediğim bir siteyi bir Türk kardeşimiz ele geçirmişti. Sonrasında "index atma" denen meşhur işlemi yapacağı sırada artık nedendir bilinmez arka plana "Kıraç-Karahisar Kalesi" şarkısını koymuştu. Siteye girince arkada çalan şarkıya mı güleyim yoksa halimize mi üzüleyim bilemedim :D

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@wise thank you very much. Your translations will be part of our next alpha, beta and stable release

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We are calling for our 1,000 EUR donation campaign to finance a physical build server (Mac mini M1) to speed up the Monal development! You can read more about it in our blog post: monal.im/blog/funding-campaign

Please see our donation options here: github.com/monal-im/Monal#dona Please consider supporting the Monal developers!

Oracle'nin "Always Free Tier" teklifine bir bakın derim. AMD 1C/1R veya Arm Ampere 4C/24R konfigürasyonları ücretsiz gibi duruyor.

Sorting için std::sort veya quick sort öneriyorum. Küçük, orta ve büyük ölçekli gruplarda denediğimde en makul (ve de verimli) bu ikisi oldu.

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"When regular skin cream just doesn't work."

submitted by dudeofmoose

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İroni içermektedir. 

Hiç kimse:
İnternet güvenliğini önemsemeyen insanlar: Bey(n)im İran’a gitti 10 gün evde yok 😂

If you interest in supply chain attack vector and have some times;

Googling the words "Pirelli Modem Supply Chain". You will be find best supply chain attack story with worst criss management

Yes, that Pirelli who was selling car tires

01111110 01010111 01101001 01110011 01100101

"Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do"

Jean-Paul Sartre , Nausea

At the end, I'm coding a script which include last version of Openssl, Php, Zlib, Nginx and Pcre. If you want to contribute with your coding skills please contact me.

If you interest in web security and have some times;

Googling the words "2013" and "Turktrust Google SSL". You will be find best MITM attack story with government help.

Nginx users:

Zlib library was last updated in 2017. That's why I always recommend you using the brotli compression algorithm.

Dear my developers friends who using PHP 8.1-dev version;

Please don't use -dev versions. I cannot say it clearly, but it contains big problems. I recommend you using the current stable version (8.0) instead of dev versions. Otherwise, remote code execution is at the door.

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