Not running this at the moment. I like it but I'm not sure it's exactly what I want my Fediverse experience to be. Not sure what that is yet either, to be honest.

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I want the UI and very limited functionality of this: but for local non-YT videos.

Have ktistec (single-user activitypub) running on my site now:

@toddsundsted I want to host my own instance of your ktistec server. It seems well-suited for a mixture of "microblogging" and more formal posting. But I'm slightly hesitant: Have you dealt with any issues of spam due to the nature of federation? Or targeted harassment generally?

Any countermeasures currently implemented or planned? I see author blocking but not any filtering.

Not demanding anything just wondering what you think of the concern. If I have any misconceptions etc. Awesome project

One nice thing about the centralization of project hosting like Github is being able to easily discover interesting projects. Even excluding the ones that are "starred" a lot.

I can search keywords, sort by language, recently updated etc.

On the one hand, Microsoft is disturbing, and it seems like a bad idea to be dependent on their platforms and services. Goes for many things.

On the other there is legitimate value in having every project under the sun in a single searchable place.

Recommend this paper:

Because it's by Richard Gabriel I was expecting a Lisp paper. There is Lisp, no surprise there, but the subject matter of Lisp and CLOS is used as exposition of Kuhnian incommensurability: "the idea that paradigms exist in different, mutually unfathomable linguistic domains"

The programming paradigms of "system" and "language" are used as examples.

One of the most fun papers I've read, and aside from the subject matter Gabriel is a great writer.


Furthering my dislike of talking about myself: Hi, I'm wl. I have hobbies and interests. I hope to share them and follow others that also have their own hobbies and interests, maybe I can even absorb (steal) some of them as my own. I promise to not be a robot.



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