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Since I'll be graduating soon and faculty didnt gave me enough knowledge and skills for a job pursuit, I need to focus on doing projects and learning on my own.

Coding is my thing, but the problem is that IT industry is big and there are so many paths you can take.

Sometimes I like doing web design/development, sometimes I like programmimg CLI "apps" for me...

How did you choose your career path? Or, how would you advise someone on how to pick career?

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I hear crazy amounts of people who believe these microchip conspiracies.

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Controversial opinion on competitions in general 

I really don’t like to (directly) compete. I find it to be very stressful and usually the reward for winning is symbolic.
So not only would I waste a lot of energy competing against other people I would also gain (almost) nothing from it.

I believe we would gain more if we would all just cooperate more instead of competing all the time.

Is it okay to feel bad because I didnt switched to Arch or Linux in general way earlier?

I feel like I'm late to the party... and I feel like I would speed up my learning process. Maybe even change my career or which faculty I go on.

Open source, tinkering, non-spy apps... this is just awesome. I just feel like a different person.

Also, I discovered some ways for communicating with like-minded people which I've been lacking for so long... so thanks all.

Which one should I choose as a hosting solution?

@blkpws @marian_mizik @hund @jlhertel @Matter @neildarlow @LinuxLounge @person

Did you experienced any bootup speed difference when switching to other init systems?

I really dont have problem with systemd, but I would switch if there's significant bootup speed difference for sure... Especially since here in Serbia people are still using old PC's (got an 4GB RAM upgrade after 10 years 1 month ago...) and we want to go minimal on resources as much as possible lol.

Thanks for replies tho.

What the hell is going on with systemd hatred? Why? :thinking_rms:

I've been using Arch for almost 6 months now, so here lol.

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Since I'm getting serious about web design, I'll soon need some space to put up projects. VPS is a good tool for that but... those specs are weird.

I don't know how much RAM and CPU cores I need since this will be my first time owning VPS. Probably the number of visitors will be small for the next 12 months...

If some of you own VPS, which specs did you choose?

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Hey folks, it's me again with another question regarding modern smartphones.

Fingerprint scanner is really bothering me so I wonder is there any smartphone nowadays without it? Like I wanna enjoy every other specs (wanna try dual cameras or more as well) but f. scanner is just... undesirable. You know, privacy issues, since there's no object on Earth that's unhackable.

to the rooted smartphone users or experts at this area.

What's the top 3 phones to buy right now so I can finally go root? I have like 10 phones at home but none of them are on the "with [software] you can root this phones" list.

I hope I'm clear and you understood what I want to say lol.

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Big accomplishment this evening: finally removed all documents and personal info from drive.

No more:
Gmail - ✅️ (fastmail)
Gmaps - ✅️ (openstreet map)
Google Search - ✅️ (searx)
Google Analytics - ✅️ (none)
Chrome - ✅️ (brave or firefox)
Drive - ✅️ (NAS in the basement + Dropbox backup)

Next step is review to see what other Google products I'm forgetting.

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So some of the sites, I wouldv'e liked having #RSS #feeds for, do not have it.
So I find out about this website (works with javascript disabled) that generates RSS feeds for sites when you give the url of that site.

In case if you have any better solution, let me know.

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@yarmo The day you accept that Humans have some positive and negative attributes is the day you can live a more relaxed life. These negative attributes people keep talking about have been a part of Humanity for the entire time. They are all based on biases. It's called a "flaw" for a reason. Accept them, do the best you personally can, and move on. You choose the people you associate with.

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