iDoze(podcast): 10min of "leletele" = muzik generated by python twisting some fragments recorded with fretless-ukulele n fretless-telecaster

oil.ogg(podcast): yes! the texture has reached to somethang ;p

sarigaga.py2 y nuclear.py2 workin together

seem to turn oss

Vital - Spectral Warping Wavetable Synth

oil.ogg(podcast): dealing with pi.Sa-Ni()(listless noise generators) were way easiler than that with nuclear.Zero-Nine() .. imports n renders 2min of stereo noize within less than 1GB of RAM

gonna post this one to start a thread related to anything fediverse

oil.ogg(podcast): +

nutrition: python, csound, hascillators

hi ;)
am rendering weird soundtracks with python n haskell .. used to be on crunchbang, antix-core, etc but now gradually moving to pi n pine .. also using userland on android to go cli with debian


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