@wilw emacs. It does all of that pretty much natively. I just move my .emacs (.vimrc equivalent) to the new machine and run a single command in emacs. My entire development environment is pretty much set up at that point. Maybe I'll compile emacs from source if the one in the package manager is too old.


@splatt9990 nice :) I’d love to try emacs out properly sometime but it always feels super daunting. I do like the idea of being able to do everything from the single program!

@wilw yeah, emacs is... a lot. Its not something you can just pick up and start using and immediately be an expert in. I've been using it professionally for about four years now and I still find new stuff that I didn't know about. I'm sure there's people who've been using it for 10 or even 20 years who are in the same boat.


@wilw Its best to start small though. I'd suggest going through the built in tutorial and learning the basics (Ctrl+h then t.) After that, skimming through the manual (Ctrl+h then r) for some topics that interest you and then trying to apply them to your workflow would be best. Maybe then reading the elisp intro (alt+: then type (info "eintr") and hit enter) to get an idea of the extension language, elisp.


@splatt9990 Thank you, I'll definitely give that a go - hopefully this weekend! Thanks for the getting-started advice, and agree best to start small :)

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