My one Google "vice" still is Google Photos. It just works so nicely to automatically back everything up.
Does anyone have any recommendations for other (potentially self hosted but not required) "nice" photo backup/sync services from mobile/desktop? I've heard good things about Piwigo so may try that first...

@wilw install SimpleSSHd on the phone and rsync them down to your PC.

@fedops hmm thanks for this, I’ll take a look. I wonder if it can be automated!

@wilw I have a script on my home server that fires when my phone gets an IP from the dhcp server. It downloads photos and syncs and new music I might have up to it.

@fedops wow, that’s an awesome setup, thanks for sharing. I need to dig my old rasp pi out and start tinkering again I think!

@wilw I use NextCloud because it can backup the photos on iPhone. I have read it works for Android as well. Android might have even more options.

@thumb this is an interesting idea, thank you. I do use Nextcloud already too for files, but not photos (yet). Do you find it takes up a huge amount of cloud storage when syncing from your phone, or not too bad?

@wilw That depends on the size of your files doesn’t it? Or I didn’t get the question.... 🤔

I have attached a 1TB SSD to my NextCloud Pi to keep the backup locally. I don’t use hosted service for NextCloud. The photos all come up to ~52 GB. It backs up incrementally.

@thumb ah no you’re right, sorry - that was a stupid question! I suppose I just don’t want to be “put off” taking more photos if I’m worried about expensive cloud storage. But that’s a good point - a self hosted local drive is a great idea 👍

@ulPa oh nice, I hadn’t heard of that but just had a look. Definitely an interesting option, thanks 🙏

@afallen Yep :) I went with in the end. I wrote a few notes about the journey here if you're interested at all:

Not self-hosted but more trust.

@wilw Thanks, this is a really useful and interesting post. We may follow suit... :) @davidoclubb


Hi! Came across your post when searching for people's experiences with #pCloud. Is it still working well for you after almost a year? Did you go for the lifetime option?


(I have a Google photos vice as well ..)

@cybette Hey Carol :) Thanks for getting in touch!

It's a tricky one. Technically it works fine, but I have some gripes. It's good but still nowhere near as slick as the Google/Apple alternatives unfortunately!

I'd recommend maybe giving pCloud and Mega a go on the free trials for a week or so and see what sits best with you (I'd be interested to hear your thoughts too!). Yeah - I went for lifetime in the end.

Have you found any other alternatives in your research?


thanks for responding! I agree that the Google solution is really slick and convenient, which makes it so hard to switch (I've been pondering this for *years*...).

So far I've tested the free pCloud with ~6GB of data and it seems to work alright (speedy uploads and decent media view on the app). But I wonder how it'll handle my ~1TB of files (and growing, so I'll probably go for the 2TB plan).

I've also looked at jottacloud (based in Norway),, Wasabi etc. but most of them...


...don't have Linux support. Well, some have only CLI tools, which are fine, but I'd prefer a GUI client.

Mega and pCloud were shortlisted, and I'm tempted by the Black Friday lifetime offer pCloud is currently offering 😅

I know it isn't perfect, but I guess it's ok as long as there isn't something terrible that would be a dealbreaker (especially if I commit to a "lifetime" lol).


Appreciate your blog! I'm also looking at general data (non-media) backup and was checking out Backblaze. Again, it doesn't have linux client, but I can probably use Borg or rclone to upload stuff. Still looking into it.

@stardust that’s a good idea, thanks! I didn’t know Mega did mobile apps too. I’ll give this a go for sure

@wilw works well and has android and ios apps that will upload all your photos. I guess it also depends what you what to do after the upload. If you want them uploaded and published online to share or you will organize them and tab them in something software like or

@criadoperez yeah, it’s just for personal backup really (eg if I get a new phone I want to be able to recover them or at least browse photos I had previously taken). I think your Nextcloud suggestion is a good idea, thank you. I’ll still check out your other suggestions too :)

@wilw Seafile has phone photo backup (that's the only thing it will sync on mobile), has been rock solid for me for years now.

@bhart Oh, nice, thank you - I hadn't heard of that, I'll take a look!

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