@wilw I still need an RSS reader. Any recommendations?

@ulPa Thanks for reading :) Hmm, it depends a little on your device platform(s). Cross-platform: I've heard good things about Miniflux (miniflux.app), which you can self-host yourself or pay for hosting, but haven't used that myself yet though!

@ulPa @wilw I enjoy Feedbin for its privacy policy and the fact that it lets me consume RSS, Twitter, and email newsletters from a single user interface.

@wilw Seriously, the web is getting so bloated I would rather have just text in a single place

@wilw I use Flym in Android. It's FLOSS.

And really do miss the Mozilla Live Bookmarks...

@wilw I had forgotten all about RSS. Thanks for this post. I unsubscribed from several email lists and grabbed their RSS feeds instead. Much better.

@chrism thanks for reading :) I agree, it feels nice to just dip in and out of blogs/articles around your other activities, and there’s usually something interesting waiting.

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