Going to join lots of you and try the challenge in 2021. Here’s my introductory post:

👋 Let me know if you’re trying it too!

@wilw I am not officially trying it - I could not handle the pressure 😂 - but I am in support of all who participate.
The hash tag is a good source of inspiration for my own blog.

@ghost_letters 😂 Yeah I'm worried the pressure might get to me too! But thought potentially worth a shot :) I'm looking forward to following other blogs from the community

@wilw Definitely worth a shot! I will keep an eye on your blog.
*makes that gesture with to fingers to the eyes, than two fingers somewhere*

@wilw I like the #100DaysToOffload idea & your blog. Inspired me to dash off another post. Good luck with it!

@TiredDad thank you! It is a great idea for a challenge. Whether I will be able to keep up is another question 😅

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