Finally got around to learning by using it in a new project (as a replacement for ). Everyone was right - it is awesome

@wilw rust is really fun to program in, I found go to not be my thing some years ago.

@sotolf Yeah, it's great so far! I still trip up a lot on some of the nuances, but I'm getting there. The tooling & dep management feels more logical too

@wilw yeah, I guess it has pros and cons, the ml-like type system is more comfortable to me :) it's a really fun language to play with :) I just did my own little project last month and will probably be doing another :) I just have to some something interesting that isn't too hard for me :)

@sotolf That's always the trickiest part - finding something to work on in order to try it out! Let me know what you end up working on - I'd be interested to see it 😀

@wilw I've done tapet, a wallpaper downloader and switcher in rust, it's pretty simple, you can find it in my got repo. :)

@sotolf oh nice, that looks like a great project! Do you use it yourself?

@wilw yeah, it's been running on my pc for 3 weeks or so now :) no problems so far :)

@ajmartinez thank you! I’m really enjoying it so far ☺️ I’m still very slow with it but the docs are great and it’s fun to learn

@wilw indeed the docs are one of my favorite things about the language. I’m way behind now, but I have been doing Advent of Code 2020 in Rust and that’s made a huge difference in how rapidly I can get things working.

@ajmartinez ah I didn’t do the Advent of Code last year, but that’s a great idea to use it as a way to up-skill in a particular language

@wilw this was the first year I’ve ever tried it and as someone without a computer science background it has helped a lot.

@devinprater I think it probably depends a bit on the learner’s background. The docs (and the Rust book: are fantastic though. So people coming from non-statically-typed and scripting languages (JS, Python) should be able to pick it up quite quick ☺️

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