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Calculation of π, from rain falling on two wooden plate sensors, one circular and one square: the number of raindrops that landed on each plate during a storm was counted with an Arduino and π was calculated as the ratio [source & credits: buff.ly/2Dqy0gN]

@0xvms Hey 👋 I read your post about switching from Nextcloud to Web/Card/CalDav. It’s great, thanks for sharing!

I was wondering if/how you process calendar invites with this method? For example, if someone was to email you an invite to a video call (with a calendar event attached), do you know how this could sync with your CalDav setup for accepting/recording the invite?

I suppose I’m intrigued about the separation in email/calendar services, as this is something I’d also like to try out!

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🥳 Finally got to a 365-day streak on !
Feels amazing when I think about what I’ve learned over the last year, and I’m excited to keep going

I had to go back to my (for some heavier dev work) for a few days this week, after having been 99% -only for two months.

I’m definitely at the point now where I am noticeably quicker and more organised with daily work on , and I missed my workflows!

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👩‍💻 Prose.sh is the incredible new Wish-based blog platform for hackers. Write posts in markdown and SCP them up for command line based CMS goodness.

To get started: `ssh new@prose.sh`


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Rust 1.62.0 includes a `cargo add` command to add dependencies to the project. FINALLY!!!


Does anyone happen to have any experience in working with the web APIs?

In particular, I am trying to get my head around programmatically creating/editing custom object definitions, but I keep going around in circles!

looks interesting (and I’m an existing customer). Anyone had much use out of it yet? At a glance it looks a little less featured than (eg. TLS provisioning)


If you have a VPS with a provider that blocks SMTP traffic on the usual ports, and you want to be able to send mail, then provides port 2525 as an alternative to 587, and is less likely to be blocked!


@joel By the way, i got your Nord theme set-up on my Docker-based FreshRSS instance! It looks great. Thanks for sharing it 😊

Recently I’ve been getting more into using my Pro as a daily-driver. I love its versatility, speed, and battery.
Here are some notes on how I set up a working dev environment for coding on iPad using and wilw.dev/blog/2022/06/12/ipad-

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here's your irregular reminder that NPM can, in fact, do time-traveling installs:

👉🏻 `npm install foo --before 2021`

...will only install `foo` (and its dependencies) as they looked right before 2021-01-01 at midnight.

managed databases are a nice addition, but does anyone know if the stored data is encrypted at rest?
Can’t be many user-facing applications for it if not!

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