I was definitely guilty of this too when working in academia. One-off scripts without documentation, disorganised repositories, etc. A bit embarrassing thinking back to it now 🤦‍♂️ shape-of-code.coding-guideline

always feels way more stressful when playing single player. So much to do and so little time (and energy). Definitely makes me feel more sympathetic towards single parents 😴

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@metalune It's not a data breach, it's a surprise backup

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New blog post about dealgorithmizing -
This is the final blog post about this topic that I'm going to write. I want to start writing about other things as well :p

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are my coping mechanisms healthy in the long term? no. but do they work in the short term? absolutely not

Ah, it seems that the plaintextaccounting.org website has been taken down (or domain expired). I hadn't realised - I found it a useful resource

Also, I wonder - does anyone know of any resources that collect examples/stories/links like this (i.e. of people arbitratily losing access to their /BigTech account)?
Could be another good resource to encourage people to re-think the services they use.

Yet another example of people "randomly" being locked out of their own account (and this from someone potentially in business with Google too!) (H/T: HN) twitter.com/Demilogic/status/1

My one Google "vice" still is Google Photos. It just works so nicely to automatically back everything up.
Does anyone have any recommendations for other (potentially self hosted but not required) "nice" photo backup/sync services from mobile/desktop? I've heard good things about Piwigo so may try that first...

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@wilw another recommendation for Monica. Not to make one’s social life into a business or a game but to have an interactive diary that will show you who you haven’t spoken with in a while. Self-hosting an option, also docker, also yunohost, also very small fee for paid hosting.

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Look up translations on with ! More than 6.6 million translations across 20 languages are available

Source code at

It's quite an early release, but if there is interest, I will improve on it.

Anyone know any way of registering for with just an email address anymore?
It definitely used to be an option but it seems to require a GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab account now in order to get anywhere (vercel.com/signup)

My experiences with "Blogging for Devs" - a course created by Monica Lent that helped me to write more frequently and more effectively wilw.dev/blog/2021/02/02/blogg
Post #7 of my .

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