I keep business accounts using plain text accounting. Recently I needed to report my year-end annual accounts to the UK's inland revenue branch (HMRC).

Here are some notes on how I used Ledger (CLI accounting program) to export the information to allow my non-technical accountant to compile and submit the formal accounts: wilw.dev/blog/2021/04/18/busin

Anyone else get unexpected pull counts on private hub image repos? E.g. I've only ever pulled this image once, but it shows 6 pulls (only I have the access credentials) πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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Hi I'm looking for work again

Notable experience: I wrote the Mastodon documentation and I help manage Pixelfed

Resume: resume.abdullahtarawneh.com/

Looking for documentation, technical writing, could also do Github issue triage or junior programming, project/product management

Can be either a permanent role or a temporary contract thing

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Awesome article on handling/boxing errors in : fasterthanli.me/articles/whats

Returning Results with different types of possible errors always catches me out, and I never really know the best way to deal with those situations

😬 Recently I finished an Invisalign plan (teeth-straightening). Here's how it went and also some thoughts on the process: wilw.dev/blog/2021/04/12/invis

πŸ—“ Day 29 of

Nice! Looks like have brought back their email-based registration πŸŽ‰ vercel.com/signup

πŸ‘‹ If anyone is looking for mid-senior Software Engineer positions, pls get in touch. We have some exciting new projects starting! Boosts appreciated.
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ℹ️ Can be but need the right to work in the UK

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#Pinephone can install a new operating system on #Librem5.

On the left, I installed #Mobian using instructions from here: wiki.mobian-project.org/doku.p. And on the right, it works!

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The :rust: compiler is ridiculously helpful. Its fix "hints" are almost always exactly what I need πŸ˜„

πŸ“– "The Great Alone" by Kristin Hannah. An excellent novel about a turbulent family that moves to a remote part of Alaska to live more "off the grid" wilw.dev/blog/2021/03/23/the-g

I recently read the book "Blood, Sweat, and Pixels" by Jason Schreier. I can definitely recommend it.
Here are some brief thoughts: wilw.dev/blog/2021/03/17/blood

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