Roasted barley tea has become my go-to for post-lunch drinks. Too late for caffeine for me, so it's perfect. Plus it's great on rainy afternoons writing code here in Washington

Mastodon makes me really happy in that there's a place I can blurt what's on my mind without it having to bob around in a sea of unmitigated hatred

Lots of data comparing common keyboard layouts. Really cool read.

Super stoked to get outside for the first weekend in like 7 months. Washington's wet season can be brutal, but we're rounding the corner :D

Nushell looks really cool, but that's a horrible name that implies it won't be around for long. What happens when it's been around as long as bash? Is it still "nu?"

My biggest pet peeve in the world is the term "pet peeve"

The word "coding" as a verb is a huge pet peeve of mine.

It never ceases to amaze me how hilariously bad Google products are.

This saturday consists of watching true crime documentaries and writing an app to allow guests for our upcoming wedding to RSVP

Man Gigalixir is such a phenomenal product. Deployment has always been a big pain point for me when working with

Got audio working on this morning, finally. Apparently my system set my HDMI audio as "Card 0" and defaulted to it.

Dealing with audio in on this Thinkpad is.... less than pleasant.

New laptop is finally here. Upgraded to 32gb of RAM and a 1TB nvme drive and installed Arch without ever booting into the copy of Windows it shipped with. πŸ’ͺ

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