I'm tired of gushing about Mastodon a thousand times in a thousand places, so I wrote a post to summarize some info about it for folks who are *possibly* interested.


It covers the what/why/how as well as clearing up some misconceptions and whatnot.

It is meant to be educational and informative about what the heck "Mastodon" and "the Fediverse" is. If you know someone who might be interested, consider sending this their way!

Hope this helps!

Watching Twitter melt down over a potential acquisition by Elon Musk is my new favorite spectator sport.

Watching this safemoon meltdown is really satisfying. Anyone who got involved in that obvious scam deserved to get rekt.

Friends don't let friends shitcoin...

I genuinely don't understand why it's taking more than two hours to update the world set when I've got 20 cores allocated to it. The VM's CPU utilization has been under 5% the entire time.

Durating of updating the world set for a Gentoo installation with 20 cores: 2 hours and counting...

The Washington rainy season is closing in, or as we like to call it, "The Long Dark."

I'm gonna be ready for this one. I've got three great projects to sink my teeth into while we're draped in full Norwegian Black Metal ambiance outside.

Music theory, Rust, building a product

Roasted barley tea has become my go-to for post-lunch drinks. Too late for caffeine for me, so it's perfect. Plus it's great on rainy afternoons writing code here in Washington

Mastodon makes me really happy in that there's a place I can blurt what's on my mind without it having to bob around in a sea of unmitigated hatred

Lots of data comparing common keyboard layouts. Really cool read. workmanlayout.org/

Super stoked to get outside for the first weekend in like 7 months. Washington's wet season can be brutal, but we're rounding the corner :D

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