Super chill day of rainy jazz and deprecating old code :+1:

Back when I was in my early teens I found it relatively easy to find and fit into online communities. Nowadays I find it extremely difficult. Fosstodon is one of the only communities I have been able to get into for quite some time (and I'm very thankful for all of you). I am not sure if I changed, or the world around me changed, or both, but I feel so alone on the internet these days. Which hurts because the internet used to be the place I could find people to connect to when I was lonely irl.

Decided to take @regolith for a spin on top of Pop OS. Holy smokes this is brilliant. Really ergonomic and clever default keybindings straight out of the box and beautifully configured.

HIGHLY recommended

Fingers crossed for Assange and Snowden pardons today 🀞

All this lo-fi hip hop nonsense sounds the same.

Hard to believe ActiveWorlds still exists. This was a big part of my early usage of the internet. In fact, I found it in a book called "The Internet Yellow Pages."

Unpopular opinion: Star Wars 1, 2, and 3 were fantastic.

Just a test toot. Let's make sure we can upload our favorite photos. 😎

Looks like Grayscale gets a bit of competition for their GBTC investment product πŸ‘

This is good for Bitcoin, because it would help prevent Grayscale from becoming an even bigger honey pot than it already is 🍯

And it helps facilitate NgU off course 😎 add in a potential Bitcoin ETF in the next year or so and the range of institutional product gets interesting!

Hope you didn't miss the sale. We're on our way back up!

Great vibes in today's codesmithing music selection:

Early Wailers cover of Dion & the Belmonts "Teenager in Love"

@brandon Yeah exactly! I sometimes post before thinking about the best way to word something lol. That's kinda my point though. They're an entry point to Email and Web Browsing. One would think they would cherish openness being that they're looked at as one of the beacons of open source and freedom

Who gave Mozilla the authority to decide what classifies as "misuse" of the internet?

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