I'm looking for resources to get started recording screencasts (equipment, software, etc.), preferably on Linux. Any recommendations?

@theDoctor yeah, that's one that I was looking at. Have you used it? What's the learning curve like?

@willdaly @theDoctor If all you need is something to record your screen (but not stream live), I think OBS may be a bit overkill. Personally, I think you'd be better off with something like Simple Screen Recorder, Kazam, or even the built in screen recorder in Gnome (if that's your desktop).

Spend more time on your content than learning how to record it.

@willdaly @theDoctor I'll caveat by saying that OBS is good for more fancy effects, audio setups, etc. It just depends on how far you want to go with your productions.

@samir @willdaly I used it for recording gaming sessions so I probably never used most of its features. It did work fine but now that you mention it, I'm gonna look at the other solutions and see if they work better for me.

@samir @theDoctor that makes sense, thanks! The only "fancy" things I want to do is to edit video (cutting out awkward pauses and whatnot) and maybe show which keyboard keys I'm pressing.

@willdaly @theDoctor

I mean the learning curve isn't something that you would have to care about.

It takes 6m - 1y to learn completely. That's how I went from being able to barely recording one video using - obs to recording many and editing them .

The Donwside is that it only encodes in .mkv. I hope you have an editor for MKV.

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