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setting up feels like forging the one ring in the fires of mount doom

Listening to the westworld soundtrack while coding 🤖

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This is how I feel after several days trying to think of a better alternative to bash syntax and realizing that everything I could think of (or read about) was either as-good or worse.

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is an incredible piece of software. I know it's inconsistent and hacky and hard to learn, but it's really good at what it does, even after so many years.

start of vacation today, lots of side-project hacking this week :ablobcathappypaws:

the acknowledgement section of the shell manual is pretty deranged. Grad school sounds rough.

intellij is such an unreliable piece of shit

Hacker News commenters want you to know that they use Apple laptops because they are far too busy to waste time tweaking Linux. Yet they somehow found time to post over 700 comments on a Saturday 🤔

a bugfix PR I opened back in August finally got merged! Today is a good day 😃

disagree with almost every recommendation in this podcast, but still enjoyed it 😀

on the third day of a massive refactor. TODAY IS THE DAY!

it would be great if my network, monitor, and keyboard would all agree to work at the same time.

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