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Today I learned that in the "w" motion will stop on an empty line, but the "e" motion will not.

Why? The vim reference manual doesn't say!

I accidentally pressed Ctrl-C instead of Ctrl-Shift-C while running `pacman -Syu` A moment of sheer terror ensued.

excited to see if all the legacy code I deleted yesterday broke anything last night

playing with is probably the most fun I've ever had doing front-end stuff

I ran a test script, and it looks like tmux might be using 256 colors, whereas alacritty supports 24-bit colors. It's weird that the terminal that supports a larger color space looks worse (at least to me).

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Maybe I've got something misconfigured (256 colors or something?) Or maybe terminfo is just a mysterious beast

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it's weird how differently tcell displays colors in (left) vs vanilla (right)

setting up CI pipelines is always a bit of an adventure

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I wonder if anyone has added static git hosting to Hugo. Like statically build a file-viewer for a git repo. I haven't been able to describe this effectively in Google to find out

does anyone have resources they'd recommend for learning for backend development (APIs and databases and stuff)?

I'm likely going to be joining a team of mostly frontend folks who have decided to write their backend in TypeScript, and I want to hit the ground running.

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In my undergrad, I built a web app to help students worry less about enrolling in classes and focus on their final exams. I summarized how it started to get traction and why it had to shut down:

I love discovering that a site I last visited in the early 2000's still exists!

I think angband (tolkien ASCII nethack game) was the first program I compiled from source.

This post about bee wing physics begins with the sentence "Jerry Seinfeld launched his career with Bee Movie," and that's all the commenters want to talk about 😆

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