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the clone I've been writing now has a website and a v0.1 release! Please feel free to try it out and let me know what you think. (Boosts and GitHub stars appreciated)

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the only other book in the box was "what to expect when you're expecting"

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found a copy of "computer networking: a top-down approach" 6th ed. in a box on the sidewalk today 🎉

very hard to think with the taiko drum class happening across the street

I think she was expecting a cartoon about a penguin, but she made it through Anthony's whole intro about the advantages of open source software

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browsing YouTube with my 3 year old daughter and she asked to watch a LTT video called "How to install Linux instead of Windows 11" That's my girl 😎

i just realized the sims was released over twenty years ago. for some reason i never stopped thinking it was a fresh new thing.

404 error from an S3 bucket for key: netflix/calico-cut-pants/us/404.html

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valve steam deck ships with ? very curious about how they made that decision

my 3 year old daughter told me today that darth vader is "a nice guy"

so happy to discover all the accessibility features for display in iOS. enabled grayscale, bold text, button shapes, reduce transparency, increase contrast, differentiate with color, and smart invert. so much easier for me to read stuff now

I don't understand how we can have real-time video filters that make me look like a strawberry, but the best we can do for accessibility is "invert colors"

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someone please build a global dark mode that works everywhere, even when people screenshare or apps don't respect the system colors

there is way too much stuff going on right now

when a computer does something I don't expect, I start acting like Walter White hunting a fly in his lab

also took me a couple of years to figure out I could disable the stupid "conquer the battlefield" splash screen on startup

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regret buying a motherboard marketed at gamers. Important stuff like enabling virtualization buried in a sub-sub-menu of the "overclocking" section

I think I figured it out. One-character error in the `dd` command to create the USB 🤦

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