I have to say, the official Mastodon Android app feels extremely smooth.

The pack is gonna be published on the Play Store and soon after on F-droid/Github as I'm going to use a different dashboard for that. (Same one used by Frost)

You can check out icon info here: workflowy.com/s/icons/rseQTeL5

Any feedback on this would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hey guys. I posted a while ago about an icon pack that I'm working on.

I have an apk for ya'll! 😄
You can download it here:

The dashboard being used is Blueprint:

You'll probably notice that the app is basically using factory settings (it doesn't even have an icon yet); that'll be updated in the future as I just want to get some icon requests going right now.

Currently working on a free icon pack for Android. Anyone down to help with requests and whatnot for the first version?
alsoplstellmewhatuthinkthanks :blobcatgrimacing:

I've been wanting to learn Blender for years now. Maybe it's time to start making donuts? :blobcatgrimacing:

Where do you guys get your news from? I'm kind of embarrased to admit that I don't really keep up with what's happening around the world, but I do want to make an attempt to change that.
What sources do you guys get your news from?

Does anyone here have experience ordering from AliExpress? I'm looking into buying an Anne Pro 2 keyboard from there.
Ordering from Amazon would be about $80 more expensive (including international delivery to South Africa).

The seller I'm looking to buy from has really good reviews but I'm still on the fence.

Hey iOS users, what's your favourite Mastodon client?

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to being part of the community!

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