I love using i3 on my Linux box so much I wrote a POC Windows 11 app to move window focus based on location in relation to your current window. With the aid of AutoHotKey and Windows PowerToys FancyZones I can easily move between virtual desktops and tiled windows with ease. It is experimental and you have to build to yourself but maybe it is worth the effort if you desire better tiling windows management under Windows 11.

You can check it out at github.com/Wielding/WieldingFo

I have moved from IRC using weechat to Element.io which has been nice but I could not stand the amount of wasted space. It seems to be the new thing with modern apps. Here is a TamperMonkey script to condense the view a bit and colorize the messages per user to make them more visible. Here is the gist. gist.github.com/Wielding/e200a


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