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Open source maps for my phone that work offline. They're great for navigation and finding my way around new cities.

Also, downloading the entire maps for offline use means you're not continuously leaking your location to a maps provider.

caffeine-ng has now moved to

Prepping for a v4.0.0 release soon.

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Hmmm I thought I had read it wouldn't affect the original developer of the application?


Heads up! is on track to ban all commercial activity by #FOSS projects on Microsoft Store in about a week! This is even worse than their (eventually repealed) 2011 ban on #copyleft for their app store! 😡️We demand rollback of this new policy:


I'm looking for a provider to run Linux VMs in the EU.

So far I've tried Hetzner and Scaleway, both have gone terribly.

I mostly need to run a VM (ideally, I'd just provide a URL with an image and just use cloud-init or something).

A form of rescuing in case of breakage is also a must. Being able to boot a rescue image is good, being able to use SSH to access a serial console would be superb.

Recommendations, please?

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📢 📢 📢 Today we publish an Open Letter from developers to the regarding shipping unfinished patches to users.

Shipping unfinished patches harms the user experience and slows down the review process in projects to improve the patches.

You can read our Open Letter at:

If you agree with this letter, you can support it by signing it, see:

I don't think these companies should be allowed to continue lying to consumers like this.

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Students should not have to use proprietary software to participate in the educational process. The FSFE joins the Dutch coalition ‘Fair Digital Education’ supporting privacy-respecting solutions involving #FreeSoftware in schools. The coalition signed a manifest calling for more control and fairness in the digital solutions used for education #pubconf2022 #cedo2022

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Paper really beats digital on everything for plein-air outside, imo:
✅ No battery issue.
✅ Super visibility.
✅ Real time high FPS gesture.
✅ Texture and no parralax.
✅ Mega cheap in comparison.
✅ Ecologically-friendlier.
✅ Lightweight in a backpack.
✅ No boot time or waiting time.
✅ Ends with a real art you can give (or sell).

❌ Doesn't have Undo
❌ No Selections, Filters, versionning, etc...
❌ Doesn't have hundred thousands color available
❌ It doesn't run Doom

On the topic, I really respect what does. They sell VPNs but also dispel misinformation on their website: they explain why most people DON'T need a VPN, and clarify all the things a VPN doesn't do.

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VPN companies have, for years, presented themselves as a silver bullet for online security. They ignore issues that they still have, and try to make no-VPN networking far unsafer than it really is.

I'd have expected better from Mozilla, but no: they're following the trend. With a SECOND VPN service now.

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As a #Linux user, I have stopped using other OSes for a while now, but that's no reason to not give them a shot, so here it is: a review of macOS by a Linux fanboy


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@untitaker hyperlink is absurdly fast. I'm very impressed.

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