My () path routine currently looks like this:
- Coffee
- 6am: Read dev-related articles, newsletters or blogs
- 6:30am: on Codecademy
- 7:30am: Develop website or other projects
- 8:30am: Start work

What's your routine?



My time off the clock is sacred. None of that early morning crap. If it ain’t paid it ain’t happening before 8 AM lmao

I usually wind up spending an hour or two every day at work researching and reading. I usually have a tablet with an ebook in one hand and the other on the mouse as I click through tickets and emails.

Other than that… once in a blue moon I do stuff at home after work. But like I said: time off the clock is sacred.

@wholesomedonut I get you. I've always been against the idea of overworking for no perceivable benefit or appreciation, but I need as much time as possible to learn the languages I want to work with, especially as I'm not doing this full-time in my current position yet. I need to make up for the fact I don't have a background in what I want to have a future in.

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