Gross Parent Stuff 

I realize that there are "gross" requirements for parents, but somehow it feels like I'm not doing this the right way when my kid, when asked to take a spoon full of cough medicine, throws up because it tastes so bad, and then I'm expected to stick my hand into a warm pile of puke to get that cleaned up. One of these things is actually super gross, and it's not a spoon of medicine.

Sorry for the rant. Now I've got to go wash my hands again.


Gross Parent Stuff 


If my kid/s are anything like my wife or I were when we were kids, based on stories..

I’m gonna see the angry face of God trying to raise those monstrosities and all He’s gonna say is “I’ve dealt with YOU for a few decades already. Does it make sense now?” 😂😂

I despise _myself_ for how much of a PITA I was as a young child.

But I know deep down those shit-launching, screaming gremlins will be my entire world, no matter what. Can’t tell if I like that idea or not yet.

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