it’s not skynet.

It’s not the end of the world.

It’s a bigass mesh network.

It won’t stop terrible WiFi passwords or people taking selfies with their vaccination cards.

Stupid is stupid and will spread with or without Jeffyboi helping.

You don’t like it, then don’t buy it.

You think it’s bad? Then actually discuss with others using real facts and arguments why you think so. Not YouTube.

Vote with your wallet, not your social media.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

@wholesomedonut The curious thing about "vote with your wallet", is that it gives people with bigger wallets more votes.

But the "don't buy it" thing doesn't seem to apply anyways? The issue with this Sidewalk thing seems to be that people have been buying devices (Amazon Echoes, Ring cameras) for years, and Amazon is suddenly changing _those_ devices which people _already bought_. "You shouldn't have bought that camera in 2019 because Amazon would change it in the future" doesn't make sense.

@mort RE bigger wallet == moar votez

I mean, c'est la vie. We tried a compromise to fix something like the "do it with resource X means people with more X get more power" thing in building the US govt.

And ever since, we've had the senate and the house at each other's throats every five minutes, because we tried to equalize every state's "wallet" by giving two paths of legislation that swing back and forth disproportionately.

SO as far as money goes is it the same? I guess. :thonking:

@wholesomedonut It's not skynet....

Well, it's an open door to it anyway, to exfiltrate or inject data without being seen by other states doing classical mass surveillance. If such mesh network would be used by skynet because of the easy exploitation of security breaches or properties, well, it woukd be really bad, really.

I am personnaly convinced CIA has been covertly using such mesh technics for several years, to covertly spy on specific targets without calling attention.

@wholesomedonut It's a huge move from Bezos. It's a big disturbance in the cyber-force, would cyber star wars jedi say.

It is having a significant impact on the cyber-powers and rights model of billion users. And knowing bezos love for power, unlimited power, this mesh network MUST not be seen as a covert crypto-anarchist project, but a massive covert targeted spying network that will evade all other nations' security services attention and monitoring. At least for a while.

@wholesomedonut I don't have any Amazon devices, but I don't understand the furor. Is it actually configured insecurely, or is it a slippery slope argument that "they might do something bad in the future?" if it's the latter, that's true of all IoT devices always...

@dasbrennen @wholesomedonut

while it's true that all devices have the potential to be exploited by bad actors, that doesn't negate any 'slippery slope' argument, because when we look to historical precedent we can see that every device ever created HAS been misused by bad actors

from the printing press to zyklon b, we find corrupt men employing every tool available to them for corrupt purposes -- and only when they are restrained by right-thinking people are such abuses constrained

but just who are the big tech companies accountable to right now -- aren't they a law unto themselves in an unregulated market, where elected lawmakers are only beginning to catch up ?

@seanchai @wholesomedonut okay but that still doesn't answer my question. What nefarious thing is it that people think Sidewalk is going to be used for?

@dasbrennen @wholesomedonut

oh right, so when you said you didn't understand the furore you meant you literally didn't understand what the technology does ?

k, well that thing Connor referred to as a 'mesh network' in his OP is comprised of most every Amazon device -- from the Alexa 'Echo' to the 'Ring' doorbell cameras -- all having the ability to communicate with each other on an Amazon private network, that doesn't rely on your internet connection, but rather on radio transmitters that were built in as long as 2 years ago, and which have a broadcast range of half a mile per device; which all suddenly went live without owner consent (or knowledge in most cases) on Jun 8th

this means a private company, Amazon, owns and operates a surveillance network that's huge in scale, perhaps only rivalled in size by the Social Credit system owned and operated by the totalitarian regime of China; with the added bonus that Amazon's devices are all geared to record and upload voice recordings to their servers, not to mention video track anything that moves down a street

if you add to that the fact that Amazon is one of the biggest contractors to the U.S. Government, and a lot of people being very mistrustful of Big Guvmunt in the United States; you might see why we have something of an internet firestorm happening right now

that being said, most folks in the tech world knew that Amazon devices had such potential from day 1 - you can go back several years and see indy tech guys warning of major privacy concerns in their blogs and conferences - so i'm sorry for assuming you were up to speed on the Jun 8th event, and only focused on your dismissal of 'Slippery Slope' arguments

oh and just as an addendum; yeah, they're also somewhat insecure in implementation, since the radio transmitters are using HAM radio bands which can easily be intercepted, so someone with a little knowledge of encryption might find their way onto the network with an aim to reconnoitre empty houses for burglary, stalk vulnerable women, or monitor police movements
(we've already seen examples of such criminal activity on plain old nanny-cams)

tl;dr #TheSkynetIsFalling run and hide

@seanchai @wholesomedonut Right I think I'm more in the camp of "what's new here?" If you put an internet-connected camera and/or microphone in your house, then you can only assume that you're being monitored 24/7. The only thing that has changed here is the physical layer. Why is everyone up-in-arms now that it's a ham radio band instead of wifi? Does that frequency also cause the 5G cancer or whatever?

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